Another project life spread

Yes, right after Easter, I’ve got this to share – just another Project Life spread.

This time to record what we did on Friday, after welcoming back hubby from the air-port. We went to our familiar place – Marina club of Sutera Harbor Resort.

Tried out their breakfast platter with porch egg and discovered that I pretty much prefer sunny-side-up instead of porch egg. Plus, I prefer McD’s pancake. Anyhow, we finished our breakfast.

project life1

Been loving Ali Edwards’ word stamp. So have been using a lot of her stamp on one of the cards shown here:

project life2

Hope you all have a great week!

Scrapbook page

Finally I did a scrapbook page instead of the usual Project Life style. This time I finished a page about the light lunch that I had recently with my two boys. And also the first time I printed my own photos at home! Yay! And I’m loving it. Though not so satisfy with the color. It turns out to be a bit “old” looking.. anyway, I’m going to do that more, and next time maybe I should enhance the color before I print.

I find that I like distressed look and really really wanted to add flowers into the page even though it is a boy’s page, anyway, who says there is such a rule??

Light lunch scrapbook page


This page actually using a Christmas page, see those snowflakes? Would you notice if I don’t tell you. 😀

Oh ya.. and I still love those words stamps set from Ali Edwards. They are just so versatile and good reminder on how to look at life itself.


At the moment, I’m restraining myself  in buying more scrapbook pattern paper or kit that I saw online, ya, they are just so attractive and each and everyone of them are calling my name! Such a hard resistance to have. So far what I’ve bought  (ya.. I still have bought!) is the Prima golden flowers (that can be seen in the page) and Project life mini cards, plus a mini snap album for the December Daily project.

Well, I can’t just wait till December to use the project life journal cards, so I’ve used a few in the following Project Life page:

project life

Have you tried out using Instax share to print your photo? They are just so cute! I still love doing that.


Second page is a page to remember our annual dinner, starting from preparation to the dinner itself. Lots of selfies here. ha!

project life


I hope these pages would give you some push in doing your own scrapbook pages to record down the meaning behind all those photos that you’ve taken. I know I do needed this ‘cos it really is a very good way to put them down in printed format and jot down the memories that I wanted to keep. It is also a good way in telling your kids how much you care and how they were doing.


Have an awesome week!

Project Life – Scrapbook layout

Hi hi, it has been such a long time that I didn’t do any scrapbook pages. And ever since I’ve bought the Instax Share Printer, I go ga-ga about it and started printing small pictures of everyday events, so I’ve started my Project life scrapbook layout again, but this time I’m not restricting myself to document each and everyday but instead I just document things, people or events that I wanted to remember.

So, recently I came up with these few pages on photos that I’ve taken and since I’ve subscribed with Ali Edwards monthly Story Stamp, I’ve got my first stamp – “Prompts”.  A good way to get me started with my story, prompts that work and prompts that got me thinking.

Overall, it is such fun to document my life. Well, not such an interesting one but hey, it is MY LIFE and MY STORY, there could never be another person sharing this same story with mine.

Here, the fist page that was done using Prompt stamp set:

project life1


Another page which sits side-by-side with the page above:

project life2


And here showing some close-up of the brads and embellishment that I’ve used:
project life3 project life4 project life5


As for the next, these two pages is to remember a special event that happened this month – Cousin’s wedding banquet. Love the theme of that night, unfortunately I didn’t capture clear photo of the event venue, plus I didn’t even got chance to take photo with the bride and groom. Anyhow I’ve used their invitation card in the layout:

project life6


Second page (used mostly Ali Edwards’ word stamps):

project life7


Well, that’s it so far, hope you’ve enjoyed it.

Hopefully I’m going to play with my Instax Share again and do more layout soon. I’m in the middle of waiting for Ali’s 2nd stamp set – Get Real.

Project 365

Day 166

15 Jun (Monday): The boys had an early day, woke up early, had their unusual gear on and started fooling around before getting on the car and get to school. While Mervin was playing around with the straw hat and bike gear, Calvin was doing some serious drawing on the floor!

Day 165
[no photo]

14 Jun (Sunday): Like usual, those cousins had lots of serious fun. of course that also involved some fighting, chasing and screaming!

Day 164

13 Jun (Saturday): Managed to bring the boys for a walk in City Mall and in to the Big Apple for some donuts as requested by Mervin who look for the “round thing”.

Day 163

12 Jun (Friday): Went over to Rimaju Woodfloor to check out their laminating floor wood for the house and did some serious thoughts on the price. Was happy to see that they do have some on offer, but I have doubt on their quality.

Day 159 – Day 162
[No photo]

8th Jun (Monday) – 11 Jun (Thursday): I must have some serious things at work and had been busy.

Day 158

7th Jun (Sunday): The boys loves to explore and today they went up the hill where John had planted the dragon fruits. They basically had a hike up there and shouted to grandma down on the hill.

Project 365

My Week 21 – 23 have a lot of missing photos. Partly due to putting all the attention on the house renovation, thus most photos were about the house. Probably I’ll put them up in my album but not here.

Day 157

6th Jun (Saturday): Went to Victor’s birthday party invited by Juliet. Meeting up with Lucy and Juliet is a fun time to have. Feeling like one of their family member. Even fun for the boys to have great time with their new friends! This morning was also the day that Mervin how to use the hose to water mom’s plants.

Day 152 – Day 156
[No photo]

1st – 5th Jun (Monday – Friday): Send hubby to the air-port on Monday (harvest holiday). The follow by more updates about the house to hubby over the phone. Not really an enjoyable time of the time. However we finally decided to let BIL to do the site-supervision.

Day 151

31st May (Sunday): Brother John and dad was cutting up some beam that got from the river for their dragon fruit planting, a blessing from God I said as the beams just float in from the river! These four were having a good look on work in progress LOL.

Day 150
[No photo]

30th May (Saturday): More about the house again.


29th May (Friday): The boys loves it especially when they can play with daddy’s gadget – handphone. They would giggle on the video and even took their own video!

Day 146 – Day 148
[No photo]

26th – 28th May (Tuesday – Thursday): Hate to get back to work while hubby is around, I wish I can spend more time with him and the boys, I wish we can have some picture or such.

Day 145
[No photo]

25th May (Monday): Took a day off from work and went around the house with hubby to discuss over the layout and how we wanted it to be. I hope I can understand what hubby was talking about the hose and I hope he would trust the contractor to do his part, I wish he can concentrate more on the interior feel of the house.

Day 144

24th May (Sunday): Mervin’s school family day and we all had a chance to attend this year as a family. We have missed this last year as we all went over to China to visit hubby. The boys prefer to play on the sand instead of the competition and later on the playground. Would love to have more time like this as a whole family, a time for picnic.

Day 143

23rd May (Saturday): Hubby came back today at the afternoon flight using Air Asia. We straight went to Sutera Harbor for our dinner together with FIL. But Mervin didn’t wear his sandal on to the car, so he has to sit still (almost) the whole night.

Day 142

22nd May (Friday): Went over to Kitchen and Bathroom to check out some more house accessories and found this sink with the price tag RM1300+. Went up to Delight Design after that. Have learn a lot of stuff by just talking to the shop owner and the designer. Am telling myself I would really love to have my kitchen properly made with built-in and cabinet.

Day 141

21st May (Thursday): Went to check out Jang Lung house accessories shop over in Penampang. Still unsure of what I want, but saw this beautifully layout tiles on one of the bathroom showcase. Love the mosaic tiles…

Day 140

20th May (Wednesday): The boys can have fun on anything at all, even drinks cans! They managed to filled some of the morning rush hours by stacking up the cans.

Day 139
[No photo]

19th May (Tuesday): A day filled with lots of updates for hubby about the house renovation progress. I wish we can talk face-to-face. I wish we don’t need to go through all these about renovation and the difficulty in explaining exactly what I saw and what we want.

Day 138

18th May (Monday): The wall of the stairs has been taken down partly and I definitely like the new look of open staircase, I love to see the rail and love to know that I’ve a bright staircase.

[No photo]

17th May (Sunday): As usual..

Project 365

Day 136
May 16th (Saturday): Been to Lucy’s place which she rented while her house being renovated during these few months. The boys had so much fun with her tow adorable daughters. I’m glad that we drop by.
Day 135
[no photo]
May 15th (Friday): ..
Day 134
May 14th (Thursday): Another day checking on the progress of the house renovation. Mr. Yee has another person who did the surface smoothing of the house.
Day 133
[no photo]
May 13th (Wednesday):
Day 132
May 12th (Tuesday): Went to check on the house again and got some photos for hubby to decide on certain things. Our concern and opinion are so diverse that we had some argument concerning the renovation. I wish he is around to settle things rather than me myself only.
Day 131
May 11th (Monday): Brought Cal for his dental appointment that have been wanted to do even over in Hong Kong. Found out that his tooth which has been filled before got infected and need to do root treatment. He was being brave and obeyed the doctor’s instructions.
Day 130
May 10th (Sunday): The first time stepping into my house with renovation going on. Feeling a bit confuse on the things that I need to notice and started worried about the things that I need to prepare.

Way behind

Yes, I’ve been way behind of the things that I’ve promised myself to do everyday or at least once a week, in recording down the day-to-day life with one picture, the Project 365. So, here I’m trying to figure it out what had happened over the last month in May.

Day 129

May 9th (Saturday): Have a good walk in the park and of course to the nearest WalMart for lunch and a bit of shopping. The boys absolutely love it.

Day 128
[No photo]
May 8th (Friday)

Day 127

May 7th (Thursday): Went to Hong Kong as hubby has a conference or forum over there, thus we can all go together. The boys were looking forward to aunt’s place, they especially love it to have a get away from Shenzhen. They have specifically requested to play on the playground near to the subway, which of course their wishes have been granted. Look how happy they are.

Day 126
[No photo]

May 6th (Wednesday): Another normal boring day at home in Shenzhen.

Day 125

May 5th (Tuesday): Here, the boys sharing with each other on how to draw things that they love. I’m happy to see that they are able to be so nice with one another.

Day 124

May 4th (Monday): TV time as usual during the late evening. Sesame Street and Baby First are their favourite, but they still keep on waiting for Transformers.

Day 123

May 3th (Sunday): We stop by a playground after having our breakfast. Don’t think hubby and I will get a peaceful day if we don’t let them at least climb a bit in the play ground.