Way behind

Yes, I’ve been way behind of the things that I’ve promised myself to do everyday or at least once a week, in recording down the day-to-day life with one picture, the Project 365. So, here I’m trying to figure it out what had happened over the last month in May.

Day 129

May 9th (Saturday): Have a good walk in the park and of course to the nearest WalMart for lunch and a bit of shopping. The boys absolutely love it.

Day 128
[No photo]
May 8th (Friday)

Day 127

May 7th (Thursday): Went to Hong Kong as hubby has a conference or forum over there, thus we can all go together. The boys were looking forward to aunt’s place, they especially love it to have a get away from Shenzhen. They have specifically requested to play on the playground near to the subway, which of course their wishes have been granted. Look how happy they are.

Day 126
[No photo]

May 6th (Wednesday): Another normal boring day at home in Shenzhen.

Day 125

May 5th (Tuesday): Here, the boys sharing with each other on how to draw things that they love. I’m happy to see that they are able to be so nice with one another.

Day 124

May 4th (Monday): TV time as usual during the late evening. Sesame Street and Baby First are their favourite, but they still keep on waiting for Transformers.

Day 123

May 3th (Sunday): We stop by a playground after having our breakfast. Don’t think hubby and I will get a peaceful day if we don’t let them at least climb a bit in the play ground.

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