2015 – what I believe and what I want to be


  • I believe for a better year.
  • I believe things happen for a reason, be it good or bad in my perception.
  • I believe after life and those before this.
  • I believe Karma. (So, be good, girl.)
  • I believe there is a much greater force than anyone of us, that it works in ways that we can’t possibly understand or comprehen.
  • I believe we are all inter-related one way or another.
  • I believe I could do better.
  • I believe love is needed everyday,


I wanted to:

  • Be more creative
  • Be more attentive.
  • Live in the moment.
  • Absorb in whatever that is in front of me.
  • Open up for opportunities.
  • Be understanding on others.
  • Have passion on what I do.

Don’t be stupid

Some people just don’t get it.

He did it again for being in the headlines.. but in a bad way. All news available here.

And yet this person is one of our Minister in our Malaysian Parliament for the constituency of Kinabatangan, Sabah. So ridiculous.

I mean being a public figure, you should watch what you are saying and you should know that you are representing the people, or at least you are representing your organization. Watch what you are saying and think before you utter anything. Even when he has apologize, I doubt that he is being sincere.

As the saying go “mean what you say and say what you mean”

Getting nuttier..

Gosh! I’ve been too into bag making that I’ve neglected my scrapbook! I still haven’t scrap those pictures that we took during the trip to Singapore in August! And now is already October. End of October that’s it.
OMG!! Where did my mind goes?! To those bags definitely.
Now I’m looking at embroidery bags, they look so nice, so original and one thing about handmade is, you’ll never get two bags exactly the same in the world! Yes, it is totally unique. That’s why handmade worth more than mass produces bags. What more handmade always made out of love. There is always some personal touch in the bag and stories for each bag. I love that.
I’m not going to stop scrapbooking, but I wanted also to make things that I can use and others also can get them for themselves.
Let me find the balance in between. I just hope that this new craft thing won’t die off once I run out of fabric.

I am dizzy..

Ya, sounds like the song I’m dizzy.. but really, I’m all dizzy here, had gone back to sleep this morning after brushing my teeth, some honey corn flakes and orange slices. Crazy!

It has been like this since I came back from Tawau. Keep on taking long breath, kept feeling hungry and yet something always seems stuck on my chest. I burb and did the most disgusting fart, still more burb later. I don’t feel like doing anything other than sitting here looking at my boys got all excited over Plants vs Zombie.

I wonder how would I be tomorrow at work.

I wonder if I can even go through my eye test later.

I wonder if food taste okay to me later.

oooo….. am feeling dizzy again…

I haven’t touch my glu in a week already. So, no creative things came out just yet.

Where the name came from

Read this post this morning from another blog. Love the picture there:

It really puts a smile on my face seeing this picture, it also reminds that this is how my son’s name came about. I adore Calvin and Hope that time, so I name after that little boy and hopefully my son also gets a bit of his characters, ha! True enough, he is funny, he loves to make his little brother laugh and he is sure curious, however he doesn’t have a tiger with him all the time. Probably is there, but I couldn’t see it.

Well, the read is actually started with the Art Journal thing, which I’ve no clue about and all the while I thought about my friend who has studied interior design in art school before, so maybe she’ll be interested and re-live her artsy self again, ‘cos she is not in children clothing and supply job. Well, Spidy, this post is for you.

Happy Monday to you all.


New year.. new year..  January started without me preparing and soon the first week will be gone. 

I'm trying to find myself a little word for this year, but am not sure how to go about it. 
Then I discovered that there is this life project that is going on in Big Picture, which I would love to do, and what more the kit looks gorgeous. I've missed the Project 365 last year, so I wanted so much to own that kit, unfortunately Amazon don't send the kit to Malaysia. *sigh* Then I figure probably I can make my own version of the kit with the right 12 x 12" protector, but found out that Scrap-n-crop run out of stock for that kind of protector. *sigh*
Maybe I'll just stick to those challenges over in Scrapbooks Daisies. I'm getting their kit plus the Basic Grey monthly kit.
I've been saving and saving my kits, I mean I haven't been able to use them actually. Very wasteful?
Well, eventually I'll come to use them. I've already been using the BG December kit to do my December Daily. Ya.. 2011 and yet still doing the 2010 December Daily.
Well, I gather myself and start creating again. I've been lacking behind so much.

Can’t get myself

I mean I can’t get myself up for something crafty recently. No creativity juice flowing. I wanted to do something, just something but can’t get it started.

I wanted to do a mini CD case album. I wanted to follow a sketch and challenge to do layouts, but still nothing came out. I’ve even bought a CD case.

The other day I tried to design a stamp for my Raya card, but it came out different from the font that I’ve chosen, ‘cos along the way, the person who printed out the design doesn’t have the same font in my PC. Well, I still accept it and they still look okay to me, just that I’m really going to do another stamp with my original font.

I wanted to start making some Raya cards for my Muslim friends and am thinking about Christmas card even. Well, see if anything come out later.

Still hoping to be able to create something…