Project 365

Day 122

May 2nd (Saturday): The boys discovered a fun way to spend their shower – together. And of course having fun with the comb.

Day 121

May 1st (Friday): Traveling day for me and my boys. Even though they have been on the planes for many times, they were still excited about getting on board and seeing their father. I was worried for Swine flu. Upon arriving HKIA, everything seems to be under control with more health personnel requesting us to fill in a declaration form. We straight went up to Shenzhen by Taxi.

Day 120

April 30th (Thursday): Little Mer caught red-handed in using my paper trimmer. I took the last chance at home to do a page – Similar.

Day 119

April 29th (Wednesday): Mom brought back two puppies from sis’ neighbor. Of course the boys were super excited about it and wanted so much to feed them, touch them and play with them.

Day 118
[No Picture]

April 28th (Tuesday): Been busy running around town to get things done and has been a busy day at work that I wish I could take a leave.

Day 117

April 27th (Monday): Took leave today after knowing that I can’t get back to the office in time after going to the bank for buying ASN. Went back there to meet up with Andrew the sales person from SUDC to get a unit from the property. I still wonder if this is the right move.

Day 116
[No picture]

April 26th (Sunday): Went over to Rebecca’s home after church. One dreadful thing happened, Cal threw a toy over at Royden and got his upper lip cut. Straight used honey and then went to SMC, but the doctor doesn’t seems to help much and he even commented that it take time to heal as the lips are always wet, ridiculous for me. It turns out that sis brought Royden to Dr. Huang and confirm that it will heal by itself and nothing to worry about. Thank God.

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