Project 365

Day 115

April 25th (Saturday): Went straight to see South China Sea Place in Asia City show room with the boys and big sis. The boys were excited to see the show unit. We went in big sis’ car at first but found out that it was too hot for the boys to sit behind in the two doors sport car, thus went home to change to my own car instead.

Day 114

April 24th (Friday): The day we went home. We managed to get around town to visit two temples with our Vietnamese friends: Fang and Linh. On their bikes! Excited just to be on the trip.

Day 113

April 23rd (Thursday): Went to Ha Long Bay, Vietnam World Heritage Site which is filled with islands and caves. We could only managed to get into one of the cave. Had lunch on the boat and went visited some handicraft store which me and ML didn’t buy anything.

Day 112

April 22nd (Wednesday): Another day filled with exhausting conference paper. We were more excited to see the food instead. And today is the last day of the conference which we were being treated with yet another good dinner filled with local food and western delicacy. But we still went out afterwards to get our Vietnamese noodle -Pho.

Day 111

April 21st (Tuesday): Been to a day of conference at the 14th CONSAL. Amazingly and surprisingly I found myself be surrounded by librarians all over the Southeast Asia! We went to the Opera House for the Gala night and worn our dresses that we bought the day before in Hanoi silk shop. Enjoyed the night of local performances and amazed by how talented and hardworking they all have been.

Day 110

April 20th (Monday): Another fun filled day but this time feeling exhausted from walking. We’ve been to the public library of Hanoi. They are still using the old system of borrowing. Feel so lucky of what we have at home. ML got stomach ache that evening, so we had our dinner nearby the hotel.

Day 109

April 19th (Sunday): Walk around the streets of Hanoi with ML with these hotel sandals. Such a fun free walk with ML. Discovered such many things about Hanoi and its people. It reminds me of China.

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