Project 365

Day 108

18th April (Saturday) : First day in Hanoi, Vietnam for business trip. A mixture of feelings to get to know Hanoi where I see a lot of similarity of it with China. Lots of motobikes.

Day 107
[No picture]
17th April (Friday): Actually busy on packing and yet I am working at night shift. Not a wise arrangement.

Day 106
16th April (Thursday): Have to have dinner in Wan Siew’s home ‘cos her sis – Annie is back. Sort of a re-union for us all who went to the Australia trip together years ago when we stayed over in Annie’s place in Melbourne. The boys had a great time there with WS’s nephew.
Day 105
[No picture]

15th April (Wednesday): Can’t really remember what had happened.

Day 104

14th April (Tuesday): The DELL laptop that KF order has finally arrived after much delay. Excited to open it and at the same time thinking if I can really keep it. Like the white cover but dissappointed that it is not while inside.

Day 103

13th April (Monday): Mer actually wasn’t feeling well when he was on the ride. He was having fever but not until I got home that I realise and confirm that he was really having a fever. So he has been a bit grumpy and quiet that night.

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