Two jobs

How is it that being young could be being energetic? Could it be possible that youth would not need 8 hours of sleep? Could it be being the one person that you like to spend time with would give you energy?

Would that energy become your force of life? Can I not use logic, my little knowledge of science to explain this? I can’t comprehend what’s happening here.

Things that I remember vividly was how small he was, and how he would share with me stuffs that he loves like cars: race cars, branded sports cars, energy drink, bodybuilding, jokes in tiktok, friends, music, and just about anything!

Now is that he’s working. Not one job but two. One that is obviously not in his favour and another one that he keeps just so he will have enough money.

Sometimes these situation make me starts to be sceptical about my decision, about my being his mother, about what I’ve thought what is right.

All I hope is simple. That he’s healthy, happy and living his life in gratefulness.

Scan scan scan

That’s the thing now, scan to check-in to work, restaurant, supermarket, mall etc. Then need to check-out once we are out from that premises. Many a times, I forgot, so in the record, I was staying overnight in a strange place like the mall or even my office.

There are also places that have faulty thermometer scanner that scared the hell out of me. Can you imagine someone with 38.4 degree Celsius walking around? My brain would have been toast!

Anyhow, that’s the new normal now. It would feel strange walking around in open space without mask on. It is consider a luxury that we can be in places that doesn’t require mask, but the risk are there. So whenever we go to the gym, we are given a tiny cloths with sanitising spray so we can be our own janitor and make sure to sanitised those equipment that we are going to use and after we’ve used them. Number of people definitely come down to half the capacity.

In terms of number of user, it is not a bad idea, considering that I would prefer less people around me while I do my exercises and I don’t need to wait for my turn till the other person finish using the equipment. However, it is such a relieve that we can go back in using the shower and locker now, rather than having to sock in sweat till we get home for our own shower.

That’s it, scan to check-in and later remember to check-out.

3 compartments zipper pouch

My version of a 3 compartment zipper pouch

How this zipper pouch came by? Well.. I found a cute 3 compartments purse bag through Pinterest. And it leads me to THIS POST – DIY 3 compartments purse bag by Sewing Time. I just had to try it. But I would prefer to have a zipper on it as I’ve this phobia of my phone falling out from pouches (which didn’t really happened).

Before this, I’ve made a zipper pouch with flap from Craftsy through The Harris Tote & Clutch Wallet by Diane Spencer Ogg. Diane called it Clutch Wallet by the way. Through that tutorial of her clutch wallet, I get to learn about doing the flap which I normally won’t do.

Another tutorial which has a similar way in sewing the flap is by Karina Uzeda. She loves to use binding to finish off most of her bags. Since I prefer not to use binding, so I’ve skipped that part. Karina has lots of free tutorial in her blog.

Both Diane and Karina has insta and YouTube channel, you can easily search for them.

So, here are some more close up of the zipper pouch I’ve made.

Since I didn’t use a thick lining fabric, I’ve enhanced the snap area with some fusible interlining. Which I would recommend to fuse think lining with a thin layer of interlining actually..

Here you can see where the card slot is.

Well.. that’s it. Just wanted to share this and hopefully inspire you do DIY your own pouches from the tutorials that I’ve shared here.

Customized zipper pouches

Done these two under the request of my colleague.
She wanted a simple pouch where she can put her phones, money and maybe cards for those short trip to the store nearby. So I’ve made these, one with card slots inside and one with slip on pocket outside. Both with wristlet for the convenient of having both hands free to hold other things.

Ever since the movement control order started, we have been limiting our trip to go out. Plus we try to not linger inside a store. So really.. those trips become short and precise. Having a clear head on what we wanted to get, got our temperature checked, checked-in using MySejatera, get in the shop, grab what we wanted, pay with contactless payment and leave the place. Remembering to sanitized our hands as often as possible. Masks on at all time!

Let’s just stay safe, stay healthy and with an active body and mind, let’s get go through this together.

Son / 孩子

27 Sep. 2019: 最近被孩子的选择给难倒了。 一句,”妈,我要成为赛车手!” 就那么的让我烦了很久。他是到了那种认为读书不重要,文凭是什么,和我就是要的地步。
我们如何告诉他,要他完成他的学历, 完成他的中学生涯, 没有中学毕业时如何的辛苦, 如何的难进社会,如何的渺茫。。。可他还是很坚持的相信者他就是要成为赛车手。。
这本书“干嘛要他想的跟你一样?” 来得正是时候。
这是一本旧书,就在送来的书堆里面,很不起眼,就是拿起来翻了翻,刚好翻到一页, 读了几行,觉得我好像在看着自己的辅导过程,就和老公分享的封面,也就开始读了起来。

11/2/2020: 放了那么久的文稿没有博.. 今天才察觉..孩子已经报读了修车行业的课程.

他是那么的开心.每每放学回家后就和我谈起他学了什么.尽管是我问得比较多,可还是看得出他是比较开朗了.感觉上他是真正的在学,在成长. 很是替他高兴.




All The Frame Bags

First one was this green colour with black cat pattern.

Thanks to Mico, you can find out more about him in my insta posts.

Second is this Pink Hello Kitty

Latest one is this red frame bag.

All come with handles and shoulder straps.

I’m putting them all in the Souvenir shop of Sabah State Library Tg Aru Branch.

Tote bags

Tote bags, yay! With flap or with recess zipper. Partition or no partition. Both with a mix of PU leather

Which do you prefer? With zipper or without zipper?

I’ve actually shown these pictures in my insta at hanniemy do check it out for the latest projects.

Small backpack on a budget

Happy New year!!!

Have sewn up two backpack in one go, but took me several nights to finish this.

Got this free pattern from So Sew Easy. Their pattern is available over at Craftsy.

This backpack pattern is free. However I’ve altered it to the way I like it.. For instance I’ve combine the bag base with the side panel and I’ve sewn the seam hidden for the one using cotton materials.

As for the PU material, I’ve used binding following the instructions. Still I find it better to hand stitch to close up the binding, to have a neater look.

I’ve also not include the swivel hooks on the strap as I find it not necessary.


Cotton Candy with handles and a mini backpack

I’ve been updating my insta on stuff that I’ve sewn and below are those that I’ve shown before in my insta. Now I’m featuring them all in one go for that latest happening


Firstly is the cotton candy that I’ve added handles.

Introducing the cotton candy in a mixture of linen and denim, using vinyl as the handle:


Second, is another cotton candy with denim and cotton fabric, using vinyl and cotton webbing as the handle.

Both these cotton candy are very spacious, mainly due to the way the zipper is being sewn and the design of the pouch is fat and round at the bottom.

Next is a mini backpack that I’ve tried. Pattern from Sew So Easy. I’ve altered the side and bottom of the backpack.


Well.. hope you all like these.