Project 365

Day 166

15 Jun (Monday): The boys had an early day, woke up early, had their unusual gear on and started fooling around before getting on the car and get to school. While Mervin was playing around with the straw hat and bike gear, Calvin was doing some serious drawing on the floor!

Day 165
[no photo]

14 Jun (Sunday): Like usual, those cousins had lots of serious fun. of course that also involved some fighting, chasing and screaming!

Day 164

13 Jun (Saturday): Managed to bring the boys for a walk in City Mall and in to the Big Apple for some donuts as requested by Mervin who look for the “round thing”.

Day 163

12 Jun (Friday): Went over to Rimaju Woodfloor to check out their laminating floor wood for the house and did some serious thoughts on the price. Was happy to see that they do have some on offer, but I have doubt on their quality.

Day 159 – Day 162
[No photo]

8th Jun (Monday) – 11 Jun (Thursday): I must have some serious things at work and had been busy.

Day 158

7th Jun (Sunday): The boys loves to explore and today they went up the hill where John had planted the dragon fruits. They basically had a hike up there and shouted to grandma down on the hill.

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