Day 136
May 16th (Saturday): Been to Lucy’s place which she rented while her house being renovated during these few months. The boys had so much fun with her tow adorable daughters. I’m glad that we drop by.
Day 135
[no photo]
May 15th (Friday): ..
Day 134
May 14th (Thursday): Another day checking on the progress of the house renovation. Mr. Yee has another person who did the surface smoothing of the house.
Day 133
[no photo]
May 13th (Wednesday):
Day 132
May 12th (Tuesday): Went to check on the house again and got some photos for hubby to decide on certain things. Our concern and opinion are so diverse that we had some argument concerning the renovation. I wish he is around to settle things rather than me myself only.
Day 131
May 11th (Monday): Brought Cal for his dental appointment that have been wanted to do even over in Hong Kong. Found out that his tooth which has been filled before got infected and need to do root treatment. He was being brave and obeyed the doctor’s instructions.
Day 130
May 10th (Sunday): The first time stepping into my house with renovation going on. Feeling a bit confuse on the things that I need to notice and started worried about the things that I need to prepare.