Half way there.. (photos heavy)

How have your new year be? Where did you go for the count down? Did you see any fireworks? I hope you’ve been spending the last hours of 2010 with your love ones.

I’ve been doing my December Daily. I’m using a 6×6″ paper pack plus those tranparency, those cut up 12×12″, old stuff from here and there, plus the December kit of Scrapbooks Daisy. Am glad that I’ve waited for it to start compiling my album. I’m using 2 rings for the album and now the rings are getting smaller and smaller. I’m going to need a bigger ring.

Here are some pages of the unfinished album:

That’s all for now.
Have a blessed new year!

December Daily Day 21 – 23

21st December (Tuesday): Have a date with Grace R. and Carol A. in Green Olives, Karamunsing Capital. A great escape for a while with girls. We all are being blessed with our different way of life and life styles. Everyone of us has different perspectives in life and different measurement on things that is important to us. Am glad we have this season to share and live.

22nd December (Wednesday): Today is the 冬至, means the beginning of Winter. This day is being celebrated by all Chinese. We had lunch in in-laws' home then dinner in 山芭. Sis Rebecca bought 叩肉 specially for this occation and mom has bought duck, cook a whole chicken and some vege. A feast to us all, not forgetting her yummy soup.

23rd December (Thursday): I've taken the day off just to spend with myself, ha! Coincidenly Yong Vui called, who came for Christmas from UK, yay! So went out with her to do some girls' stuff in the afternoon. Thus Calvin and Mervin spent the afternoon time in Kiddies club and we all went for a swim except KF. They were so happy in the pool and this time Mervin tried on the bigger pool and he is loving it! However he still not ready for the water slide.

24th December (Friday): Christmas eve. Half day at work, got my hair and nail done but didn't manage to go to the 9:30pm service 'cos it was raining and somehow we all just couldn't drag ourselves out from the house. So we have stayed in. I've watch the Hong Kong series. It just felt that I've missing on something, I don't feel the Christmas atmosphere without going to church, without singing praises to the Lord, without gather with other believers and greet each other Merry Christmas. Should really go to church next year.
25th December (Saturday): Presents opening day. The boys didn't have many presents, they only get it from us, uncle Alex and Rebecca Yi-yi, but they haven't got their presents from her yet. It was so exciting to them, and to me either. Maybe I should have safe for the presents, should have gotten them something other than books. I mean I can buy books for them every now and then, maybe I should get them something that they can play with, but I thought books are more beneficial 'cos they can learn words from it.

December Daily Day 19 – 20

19th December (Sunday): A day that I've been waiting for actually.You haven't know what to expect (me too) from the Children's party over All Saints Cathedral where Aunty CC has already bought you tickets to join in the fun. It was also the day that our church's toys library MoU signing ceremony in the morning. You got so excited seeing those bouncing toys which the youth volunteer already been sitting on them.
After lunch in Likas square where the two of you finished off your plates of rice with squecky clean result, and fetching dad from the air-port. We went over to All Saints Cathedral, but it was pouring at that time and flooded part of the church's lower ground. Anyway, I managed to leave you two with Aunty CC and went off with dad for a stroll in Suria doing some shopping for ourselves.
It is another exciting day for you with lots of goodies from the church. Glad that you both are fine and can have fun without me around.

20th December (Monday): We went off to have dinner in Ka Pin (Inanam) due to faulty pipe at home. This time, you also finished off your food, which you love the fried rice in Ka Pin. Really happy to see that you love your food. As usual, you played while we were on our journey home.

December daily Day 16

16th December (Thursday): Got home all alone today ‘cos the boys were in mom’s place. So I get some time for myself which is a good time to wrap up that two last gifts. I’ve used the idea that I saw in 100Yen shop. Make a simple paper bag and jazz it up with doilies. That simple, but it make a big difference especially when I’ve got cute polka dot ribbon on it too. I hope to put a smile on to the persons who got these gifts.

On the other hand, I’m trying to put up the December Daily album, but can’t decide on what size of album should I create, then what pattern paper should I used. I know I’ve bought Scrapbooks Daisies kit, so I think I’m going to wait for the kit and start doing my album, but I’ll still keep the journal here, else I will never get the album done.

17th December (Friday): Had some time with hubby when he got back from outstation. We actually sneak off to have Bakut Teh. We both know that there are dinner ready for us in his parents’ place, but since we need to go to KK, so we took the opportunity to have dinner outside. 😉

18th December (Saturday): A day that I’ve been waiting for to get some time-off for myself while the boys went to GCC’s “I’ve a dream” children party cum concert. But it turns out that I went in too. After sending the boys under Shirley’s care, with a heavy heart I left thinking that I will meet up with Lucinda, but couldn’t get her through her phone. Then was thinking to myself maybe I should really be in GCC to take care of the boys, so I called Shirley to find out if there is any extra ticket that I can buy. While talking to Shirley on the phone trying to figure out if I should go in, I got a parking space right in front of me and Lucinda called back saying that she wasn’t able to meet up and we have arranged to meet next week.
After parking, without know if I can get in, I just went back to see if I can go in without a ticket. It turns out that my sis has an extra ticket! So many coincident which I don’t believe is a coincident, I believe that God wanted me to be there. Glad that I did. Like Shirley put it “a blessing” indeed. What more the boys absolutely love it.

December Daily Day 13 – 15

13th December: Went to work without needing to send the boys to their grandpa’s place. Mervin still prefer not to go there, instead he wanted to go to 外婆 place (grandma). Anyhow, they were there without any problem. That night I wrapped up all those gifts secretly when they were asleep.

14th December: Finally put all those wrapped up gifts under our tree.

15th December: Send KF off to the air-port and steal some time together. This would probably be the time that I’ll miss him the most after the ransack incident.

These short entry mainly due to that I didn’t record all my thoughts the day right after..

December Daily Day 8 – Day 12

8th December (Wednesday): Presents! Presents! Everyone in the office joined in for the annual Christmas gift-exchange. Most of us have got the presents ready, wrapped and put the names on. We tried to do it in a way that the receiver won’t know who give the presents till they have guest and guest. It is our annual thing, it has been a tradition for our department. Everyone in the office look forward to it too. This year, we are going to have our lunch (makan-makan) outside in a hotel! yippie!! Buffet lunch! Can’t wait.

9th December (Thursday): Yes, the buffet lunch day for our Bahagian. It was a fun filled day, lots of photos taken and yummy food. Really glad that we can have our lunch outside and we took our time to really enjoy the time together. After that was our gift-exchange done in the office. My secret gift giver was Shirley. She bought me gifts that I love to have and can’t decide to buy, truely appreciate it.

Today you went to the Church Day Camp in Krugma House. One that you’ve been looking forward to, and one that I refrain you from showing off to Mervin, ‘cos he was still at school. You really can’t wait to get there and start your fun day. When I went over to get Mervin’s cough syrup from you which I forgot to bring that morning, you were totally there, listening to the Sunday School teacher. When I pick you up, you wanted to show me things that You’ve made. You’ve totally enjoyed it and look forward to the 2nd day camp the next day. Calvin, Love that you’ve enjoyed the day camp.

10th December (Friday): Today is the 2nd day camp for Calvin, till 12:30pm. When we went over to Krugma House, you got excited in seeing the crowds and almost joining in the praise and worship. We waited patiently for ko-ko and you definitely looking forward to the party the next day. Mervin, Love that you didn’t make a fuss about not able to join the camp.

11th December (Saturday): Since the two boys went to Christmas Party in the church for the afternoon, we took the time off ourselves to go do nothing. Yup, just relax. Still I ended up buying gift for Qin’s birthday on 13th and our cleaning lady in the office. How to resist seeing those cute little mugs in 100 yen shop of Suria. *Forgot to take photo*

12th December (Sunday): Probably not your day today but at least you put it off better compare to years ago. I pray that you have more patient, kindness and love. I pray that you are slow to anger and not afraid to show your love to our boys. They needed to know and be assured of your love everyday. I pray that we all say good and encouraging words everyday.

December Daily Day 6 and Day 7

6th December (Monday): A day off for me to get my hair trim and colored, plus some Christmas shopping. Managed to get my hair done before noon and send Mervin to Aunt’s place, then meet up with hubby for lunch in 1B, but before that, I manage to get lots of children books for Christmas presents. Being able to grab good deals is definitely a plus for me. What more I get to get a new table runner for RM9.90 which later found out that it is actually a bed runner..hahaha..

7th December (Tuesday): An official national public holiday for us – Awal Muharam. So we all got a day off and welcomed by Mother-in-law’s Curry Laksa noodle. Yummy! Everyone of us, including my brother-in-law and family were there in my in-laws’ house to enjoy this brunch specially made by MIL, ‘cos she saw that those prawn in the local supermarket is very fresh. This is her family secret recipe, which one day I hope to get the recipe. Good food for family get together, though the boys don’t eat it ‘cos it is spicy.

As for the daily stuff.. I’ve got a clean car today, thanks to the male maid – hubby who wash and clean the car. Yupe, we have two maids at home, one is male and one is female (me lah!). We do all the house work ourselves, so don’t expect us to always have a hotel like clean and shine interior. What more with the boys around, never expect a tidy 24 7 house, okay?

Even the car that I’ve – an MPV, (definitely not Toyota Camry) is always filled with stuff, paper cut out, tissue, dirt – in short, it is never clean, except for today. As for the condition of the car, I’m assured that it is always in good condition, ‘cos I send it for regular maintenance. So far, auto repair is not needed. I know the mechanic help me to check everything down to the brake light, not sure if they check engine light thought.

Never mind, so far the car is working just fine. Let’s just hope that it will continue to have a good condition in another 5 years at least.