December daily Day 16

16th December (Thursday): Got home all alone today ‘cos the boys were in mom’s place. So I get some time for myself which is a good time to wrap up that two last gifts. I’ve used the idea that I saw in 100Yen shop. Make a simple paper bag and jazz it up with doilies. That simple, but it make a big difference especially when I’ve got cute polka dot ribbon on it too. I hope to put a smile on to the persons who got these gifts.

On the other hand, I’m trying to put up the December Daily album, but can’t decide on what size of album should I create, then what pattern paper should I used. I know I’ve bought Scrapbooks Daisies kit, so I think I’m going to wait for the kit and start doing my album, but I’ll still keep the journal here, else I will never get the album done.

17th December (Friday): Had some time with hubby when he got back from outstation. We actually sneak off to have Bakut Teh. We both know that there are dinner ready for us in his parents’ place, but since we need to go to KK, so we took the opportunity to have dinner outside. 😉

18th December (Saturday): A day that I’ve been waiting for to get some time-off for myself while the boys went to GCC’s “I’ve a dream” children party cum concert. But it turns out that I went in too. After sending the boys under Shirley’s care, with a heavy heart I left thinking that I will meet up with Lucinda, but couldn’t get her through her phone. Then was thinking to myself maybe I should really be in GCC to take care of the boys, so I called Shirley to find out if there is any extra ticket that I can buy. While talking to Shirley on the phone trying to figure out if I should go in, I got a parking space right in front of me and Lucinda called back saying that she wasn’t able to meet up and we have arranged to meet next week.
After parking, without know if I can get in, I just went back to see if I can go in without a ticket. It turns out that my sis has an extra ticket! So many coincident which I don’t believe is a coincident, I believe that God wanted me to be there. Glad that I did. Like Shirley put it “a blessing” indeed. What more the boys absolutely love it.

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