December Daily Day 19 – 20

19th December (Sunday): A day that I've been waiting for actually.You haven't know what to expect (me too) from the Children's party over All Saints Cathedral where Aunty CC has already bought you tickets to join in the fun. It was also the day that our church's toys library MoU signing ceremony in the morning. You got so excited seeing those bouncing toys which the youth volunteer already been sitting on them.
After lunch in Likas square where the two of you finished off your plates of rice with squecky clean result, and fetching dad from the air-port. We went over to All Saints Cathedral, but it was pouring at that time and flooded part of the church's lower ground. Anyway, I managed to leave you two with Aunty CC and went off with dad for a stroll in Suria doing some shopping for ourselves.
It is another exciting day for you with lots of goodies from the church. Glad that you both are fine and can have fun without me around.

20th December (Monday): We went off to have dinner in Ka Pin (Inanam) due to faulty pipe at home. This time, you also finished off your food, which you love the fried rice in Ka Pin. Really happy to see that you love your food. As usual, you played while we were on our journey home.

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