December Daily

I’ve told myself that I will do the December Daily, but today is already 2nd of December. Ok, I better write down what I wanted to remember here, else I would forget.

1st Dec.: Bought gift for the gift exchange in my office today. I know the person who I’ve picked the name will love it, ‘cos that is what she use for her daily skin care – Mustika Ratu. Giving is fun and feel great, but if pocket has not much money, that is one problem, still I want to appreciate those besides me.
For instance hubby, though he speaks faster than he talk sometimes, that is to me only. After that he rethink back and re-answer me, I will just take the 2nd answer as the correct one.

2nd Dec.: Still haven’t put up the Christmas tree deco, just the tree with the lights, but not even on yet.
Went to check on the Christian gift shop in Iramanis – Capstone, but the more I check on the books, gift and house decoration for Christmas, the more I felt depress for not able to buy all those things that are good as gift. What shall I give to the boys..? Anyway that I can make the house more Christmassy?

I’ll keep updating here for my December daily till I got my album ready.

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