December Daily day 3, 4 & 5

Day 3 (Friday): I still haven’t given up buying home decoration for Christmas. So I went to City Mall, there is a Christian deco shop and they are having display just outside their shop with lots of cute decoration. This time, without restraining myself, oh well.. not totally refraining la.. I got myself some cute little deco to decorate the entrance table. I even bought a Christmas audio CD and had played it all the way back to the office. Now this is more like Christmas!

Day 4 (Saturday): We finally got our tree up and decorated! Yes, got all those decoration or ornaments all from a shop in Wawasan Plaza. As promised by hubby, we went out to have lunch, check out Cubic kitchen cabinet, swim in Sutera Harbor Resort, then get our tree’s decoration. So happy that I got everything under RM50! The boys love to do the decoration of course!

Day 4 (Sunday): Paster Ester Soong: “everyday is a Christmas”. Yup, Merry Christmas everyone!
Still got some more Christmas cards to make. I’ve done those for Aton (with request), still 6 more for Mil (with request), one for sis Rebecca (also with request), another two more for friends. After that will be making the December Daily for this year.

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