December Daily Day 6 and Day 7

6th December (Monday): A day off for me to get my hair trim and colored, plus some Christmas shopping. Managed to get my hair done before noon and send Mervin to Aunt’s place, then meet up with hubby for lunch in 1B, but before that, I manage to get lots of children books for Christmas presents. Being able to grab good deals is definitely a plus for me. What more I get to get a new table runner for RM9.90 which later found out that it is actually a bed runner..hahaha..

7th December (Tuesday): An official national public holiday for us – Awal Muharam. So we all got a day off and welcomed by Mother-in-law’s Curry Laksa noodle. Yummy! Everyone of us, including my brother-in-law and family were there in my in-laws’ house to enjoy this brunch specially made by MIL, ‘cos she saw that those prawn in the local supermarket is very fresh. This is her family secret recipe, which one day I hope to get the recipe. Good food for family get together, though the boys don’t eat it ‘cos it is spicy.

As for the daily stuff.. I’ve got a clean car today, thanks to the male maid – hubby who wash and clean the car. Yupe, we have two maids at home, one is male and one is female (me lah!). We do all the house work ourselves, so don’t expect us to always have a hotel like clean and shine interior. What more with the boys around, never expect a tidy 24 7 house, okay?

Even the car that I’ve – an MPV, (definitely not Toyota Camry) is always filled with stuff, paper cut out, tissue, dirt – in short, it is never clean, except for today. As for the condition of the car, I’m assured that it is always in good condition, ‘cos I send it for regular maintenance. So far, auto repair is not needed. I know the mechanic help me to check everything down to the brake light, not sure if they check engine light thought.

Never mind, so far the car is working just fine. Let’s just hope that it will continue to have a good condition in another 5 years at least.

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