December Daily Day 21 – 23

21st December (Tuesday): Have a date with Grace R. and Carol A. in Green Olives, Karamunsing Capital. A great escape for a while with girls. We all are being blessed with our different way of life and life styles. Everyone of us has different perspectives in life and different measurement on things that is important to us. Am glad we have this season to share and live.

22nd December (Wednesday): Today is the 冬至, means the beginning of Winter. This day is being celebrated by all Chinese. We had lunch in in-laws' home then dinner in 山芭. Sis Rebecca bought 叩肉 specially for this occation and mom has bought duck, cook a whole chicken and some vege. A feast to us all, not forgetting her yummy soup.

23rd December (Thursday): I've taken the day off just to spend with myself, ha! Coincidenly Yong Vui called, who came for Christmas from UK, yay! So went out with her to do some girls' stuff in the afternoon. Thus Calvin and Mervin spent the afternoon time in Kiddies club and we all went for a swim except KF. They were so happy in the pool and this time Mervin tried on the bigger pool and he is loving it! However he still not ready for the water slide.

24th December (Friday): Christmas eve. Half day at work, got my hair and nail done but didn't manage to go to the 9:30pm service 'cos it was raining and somehow we all just couldn't drag ourselves out from the house. So we have stayed in. I've watch the Hong Kong series. It just felt that I've missing on something, I don't feel the Christmas atmosphere without going to church, without singing praises to the Lord, without gather with other believers and greet each other Merry Christmas. Should really go to church next year.
25th December (Saturday): Presents opening day. The boys didn't have many presents, they only get it from us, uncle Alex and Rebecca Yi-yi, but they haven't got their presents from her yet. It was so exciting to them, and to me either. Maybe I should have safe for the presents, should have gotten them something other than books. I mean I can buy books for them every now and then, maybe I should get them something that they can play with, but I thought books are more beneficial 'cos they can learn words from it.

4 thoughts on “December Daily Day 21 – 23

  1. Carol says:

    Hi Fon! It was great catching up again! I did get eldest a book and was about to get another for the other two when their papa told me that he got them presents already – so lucky them, they had one book and 3 other things 😛


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