Instax wall

You know how you always take photos and yet never got them printed? And every time you want to look at them, you’ll have to browse through your phone / camera / computer? I would love to remind myself of all those fun moment that I have while taking photos.. so I got them printed out using my Instax Share SP-1 and I get to stick them up on my wall .. the one that I spend a lot of time at – office! The wall right in front of my PC.

Mostly photos of my colleagues and family.. those that I treasure of course..

What about you, do you print out your photos? Do you have a wall such as mine to remind yourself of all the blessings that you have?

relaxing with the best sunset

It was a fattening time on Saturday.. I’ve been missing my Smoke Salmon Ceaser Salad from Sutera Marina Club..

Just the two of us, me and my son who made Chicken Finger in the kids’ menu as his favourite food, other than the mango juice that is a must order if we are there.

He finished my Vanilla Milk Shake instead.. so I guess after this, his new favourite would be Vanilla Milk Shake.

While we were enjoying the sunset, I noticed that there were two long tables that has been reserved and those taking the tables are from China (from their accent). Ended up my nice sunset view was being blocked by them, when there were only a few seconds before the sun disappeared over the horizon..

Well.. at least this let me know that why some people call this the best place (or among the best places) to watch sunset.

We do have great stuff in KK (Kota Kinabalu).



Photo credit: porcupine patterns and craftpassion

The Net always offer goodies, free! Came across this lunch bag making tutorial this morning, the best part is free!

Though I’ve a membership with Epal learning centre street getting my Janome sewing machine, still who didn’t like free stuff?

I’ve recently got a free Qipao pattern online as well. There is even a write up on how to do it here. You’ll find the link to the pattern in the write up.

Chinese new year is coming, why not make yourself a Qipao for this auspicious occasion.

Happy sewing you all…

Things to do? Bucket list?

Haven’t been updating my blog and yet have just got it renewed for another year with WordPress.. Crazy..

Now… Shall I update it often? Well.. I’ve been trying myself involving with more sewing projects, get to do some dresses for myself that u can wear to work. Thanks to the sewing learning centre that I’m able to do that, confident enough to read patterns from sewing magazine, brave enough to cut fabrics that I bought and patient enough to finish it.

In the open for this year is to learn water color painting, doodling, calligraphy.. hmm.. seems like my bucket list is getting longer, and of course not forgetting to travel and see other parts of the world.

Ginger crossed for all these…

No, no photo for this post..I do update my insta once a while.. Do follow me there..


Chao for now..


Came across this word today while going through some new books.

Wanna know more about what it means? Check it out here “What is hygge?

What capture my attention is the way one should enjoy life and one simple steps that I can start off with is lighting up candles! Ha! That part is easy..

Another thing that I definitely would continue is doing what I love. .. oh.. and fill myself with gratitude.. it can really changes my mind and how I look at things.. I know from experience is that I will definitely see more good things around if I start to be grateful.

Have a great weekend and say hello to November.. soon it will be CHRISTMAS!!