Came across this word today while going through some new books.

Wanna know more about what it means? Check it out here “What is hygge?

What capture my attention is the way one should enjoy life and one simple steps that I can start off with is lighting up candles! Ha! That part is easy..

Another thing that I definitely would continue is doing what I love. .. oh.. and fill myself with gratitude.. it can really changes my mind and how I look at things.. I know from experience is that I will definitely see more good things around if I start to be grateful.

Have a great weekend and say hello to November.. soon it will be CHRISTMAS!!

Celebration month

Hello there, how’s July to all?
This is a special month for me, my birthday month. And thanks to my colleagues who threw me a surprise birthday cake. First ever birthday cake celebration in office, complete with candles and wishes ceremony, ha! Sounds big huh?

If you are following my in Insta, you would see that I’ve posted about it..

Minus the music like most people did in the restaurant like UpperStar..haha.. maybe a simple guitar solo would do, huh?

Anyway, coming back to birthday, there would be another celebration this Sunday, this time it is my turn to get ready a cake for it. Well, since I would be the one who pay for it, I will definitely get something that I love..ehhe..

Next chance in getting a cake would be just next month, another celebration, yay!

As for sewing projects, I’m currently doing another “Baby bag” using dye yarn fabric.. hopefully it will turn out even better than what I’ve made before.

Here is something that I’ve done by following the instructions through YouTube:

A very simple bag come with zipper and front pocket. Of course I’ve added more pockets inside..

Until then.. Happy July to you all..

Baby bag fever

This is the first baby bag that I’ve made using bag package from Epal Learning Centre. Everything is ready from materials, fusible interfacing, lining, handle and zipper. The package also include the bag pattern and instructions. All I need is just cutting tools and a good sewing machine. In my case, I’m using Jenome 2049 which is fully functional by itself.

Love how it turns out and intended to do another one in smaller size with sling. So I came up with this:

Material used are from “Queen of nature” bag. That package left bits of materials that I can put together plus my own lining to do this second baby bag. This time I’ve used piping on the side, and added side pockets and front zipper. Immediately it was taken once I show my colleagues.

Once it was sold, I got another order for another baby bag in purple theme. Well, she loves purple.. so I gather some fabric which are mostly purple in colour and bought a pack of 5″x5″ fabric from Epal Learning Centre, and come up with this:

It is purple enough, right? Again, this one has side pockets and front zipper.

Have just bought some more 5V zipper yesterday and light dye fabric online, intended to do some more baby bag.. I might just make one for myself this time.

So, have you done anything new lately? Do leave a comment below and share what you’ve created.

Handmade, made with love, unique and one and only.

Happy sewing!

Sew sew sew…

I’m really into sewing these days.. first, I’ve got myself a Jenome 2049 sewing machine, brand new from Epal Learning Centre. It is a multifunctional sewing machine that can do normal sewing with different footing and quilting. Epal has been doing roadshow to introduce this amazing and fully usable machine. I’ve noticed it years ago, just didn’t get the commitment to get down on it. So recently they were doing another roadshow in City Mall and giving out really good offer that comes with learning sessions free for 13 months, plus I can bring another person with me and learn together. Their opening time is quite long – normal days from 10am till 7.30pm, which means I can drop by anytime I want and get to learn from them.

Below is the address of the Epal Learning Centre:

F-0-7 & F-1-7, G Floor & 1st Floor,
Block F, Lorong Capital Karamunsing,
Karamunsing Capital
88300, Kota Kinabalu Sabah.
Tel: 088-447 066 / 016-8311298
Fax: 088-447 220
Email: info@epal.com.my

Any time that you wanted to learn or ask questions about those projects that you wanted to learn, you can always drop-by their centre in Karamunsing Capital, there will always be teachers around to talk to you. You can even bring your own sewing machine and complete your projects there.

What they are offering is different projects for each month and you can always buy the learning pack which comes with all materials to complete each project and get help from the teachers there. So far, I’ve completed a “Queen of Nature Hand Bag”, Upcycle Jeans Back Pack, Multipurpose bag which can fit in my sewing machine. If however you’ve missed the previous months’ project, you can always buy the pack and keep learning provided they haven’t sold out those project packs.

Below are some of the projects that I’ve done so far since May:

Up-cycle Jeans Backpack:


Mini project, which still got a final touch that I haven’t done – to remove those basting.

Mother’s Day Pouch:

Queen of Nature Bag, which involve lots of cutting and sewing.. and I haven’t sew on those beads on the top of the bag..

If you’ve bought their sewing machine, you will also have the privilege to log in to their e-learning centre over at epaldiy.com

Having this Jenome 2049 machine gives me confident in sewing more projects and I’m now learning to do Baju Kurung, which is this month’s project.

Here is more details info about the machine: Mesin Jahit Serbaguna Janome MC2049.

Other than the normal monthly projects, they are also offering add-on projects such as making hand-bag. They will also teaches you how to use all those footing that you’ve for the machine. If however you can’t find the time to go to learn about that in their centre, no worry.. the machine comes with booklet and tell you how to use it.

If you are interested to learn more, do go to their centre in Karamunsing Capital, quote my name (Fon Mee) and surely they’ll be someone there to guide you through.

Happy sewing!

Is it the end?

No, definitely don’t think so!

Yes, we have gadget that connected us to the world, let us read books and magazine online, even download them, it let us know our location and how to get to another place. Yes, it can let us endulge in some games, facetime, chatting in groups, share photos and video. Let us feel connected to others… and yet sometimes it is the other way round. Do you really think that you ARE connected!?? Do you really think that you know each and every one of your facebook contact? Do you?

Well, my concern is the existence of books, of library. Will books be disappearing from this Earth? I really don’t think so..

I personally would prefer to hold a book on my hand, even though I can’t make the font bigger. Especially magazine, I still prefer hardcopy magazine. Say that I’m old fashion, I don’t care.

And the existence of library? Yes, they will surely be there. How else can anyone just walk into a place and get hold of information just like that when they don’t have the gadget themselves? Yes, from the library!

I like what is being mentioned in this message by Mr. Wong.

“libraries have become the informal community meeting place where people of all races and beliefs come to seek personal and professional development, meet friends, do some personal quiet self study and so on.” – Wong Vui Yin

It could be a jamming place for the youngsters? Why not? A DJ training place? A music room? The idea is endless.

I do look forward to my online video time using my phone. But if you ask me if the library will not exist in the future, no, definitely NOT!

Happy reading you all!

Why travel?

Had just been back from a visit to Hong Kong, a familiar place but still foreign for me. A place that I’ve been vising for the past few years and yet every time there are new things that I notice, new experience that I gain and always, always a new feelings. Never once that it feels the same even when I went back to the same place, same spot.

When I did a google search on why travel, there’s a page where people share on what they think and showed fantastic photos that they’ve taken. It is just amazing what traveling can do.

For those who love to read, “The world is a book and those who do not travel only read a page” – St. Agustine.

Go travel, not just to see new place, to experience their way of life, to eat what they are eating, do what the local do, experience it, face it and let it be a part of your memories.

Travel to see how small you are. Travel to see how big the world is though the internet made the world seems small.

Travel, do it while you can.

Love – wedding card


Did a wedding card by request few days ago..  even got to make an envelop to go with it.

Flowers are definitely in the list of materials used. This time, plus pearls and lace ribbon.

Everything are from My Creative Scrapbook kit.. well.. I haven’t been keeping track on which month they were from.. so here goes..wedding-card3 wedding-card2 wedding-card1

May you have a happy week ahead and looking forward to March..

What a Valentine’s day

Ya.. Happy valentine’s day..

Flowers? Yes! Lots of them showing in insta. Lovely pictures? Yes! Lots of them in FB. HAHA… oh and those affectionate words.. Yupe.. Lots of them.. In whataspp..

It is been a day that I ate porridge for two meals! Then followed by medicine and lots of water.. Then vitamin C! I needed that to get rid of my flu.. And worst thing was.. My little valentine were also sick… He missed school today.. Not really missing it though..

With this heavy head and running nose.. I still can drive without feeling dizzy.. Thank goodness.. Else my another valentine may have to take Uber home.. Hehe..

So ya.. Happy valentine’s day for all..

Oh ya… And take good care of that body.. Having flu with fever is no fun!

A farewell and some blooms

This has been a post that I wanted a post weeks ago.. just couldn’t get myself the opportunity to finish it, till today.. it goes..


Recently we had a little farewell for my senior who was our head of division. Changes and moving forward in the work field is inevitable.

Like usual, I was being told to ready a card for that occasion. I gladly accepted as I would love to share my appreciation through the card.


The picture below is to show the 3D effect of the card.farewell-card-2

On another note… this year, I really appreciate the initiative and love shown through little gesture from my sister and hubby. I’ve been greeted by this nicely scented blossom for the past few days.. it is not a long live flowers but the smell is just so nice.. wish that it could stay longer.

Having nicely bloom flowers in the house is really enjoying.

flowers3 flowers2 flowers1

As you can see, I took these photos on 1st Feb. Now they are drying up and lost the smell.. such a short live flowers.. anyway, thanks for bringing joy into my life.

Have a great week you all..

Welcoming in 2 0 1 7

Happy New Year!!

I know this is a late post.. I mean who would still be wishing people happy new year when it has already been the 4th day in year 2017? Well, honestly I do! ‘Cos I just got back to work today. It has been a fun, crazy end of year stuff and I’ve extended my leave till yesterday just to breath a bit. Bringing kids to school is a major task, you know?

Anyway, how is everyone doing in the Net sphere? I’m seeing sites talking about resolution, plans, and projects. If you ask me (like you would, ha!) what’s my plan or resolution.. well.. so far there is none, I can’t think of anything yet, just yet. Maybe the plans or projects will come up or show up by itself. I’m taking it in day by day.

I do hope I can do more in decoration, sewing, scrapbooking… seems all on the creative side. As for career wise.. oh well.. let’s just put that aside for the moment, I think what’s more important now is not my career.. I want to see my kids grow.. I want to see my creativity side bloom, I want to learn new skill, say maybe brush writing. Google on the word “Brush writing” and you’ll get so many beautiful handwritten lettering that you can use a wall decoration, journaling and simply doodling.

And… this came in and showed up on my face today:

The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp

See if I’ll be able to flip through it and get a bit of knowledge from there.

I do hope I will be traveling this year to places that has snow. To somewhere that I can sleep over without having to book a hotel room.. maybe will need to consider looking into AirBnB from now on.

Until then, I’ll keep searching for “The Secret” ..