Things to do? Bucket list?

Haven’t been updating my blog and yet have just got it renewed for another year with WordPress.. Crazy..

Now… Shall I update it often? Well.. I’ve been trying myself involving with more sewing projects, get to do some dresses for myself that u can wear to work. Thanks to the sewing learning centre that I’m able to do that, confident enough to read patterns from sewing magazine, brave enough to cut fabrics that I bought and patient enough to finish it.

In the open for this year is to learn water color painting, doodling, calligraphy.. hmm.. seems like my bucket list is getting longer, and of course not forgetting to travel and see other parts of the world.

Ginger crossed for all these…

No, no photo for this post..I do update my insta once a while.. Do follow me there..


Chao for now..

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