Sew sew sew…

I’m really into sewing these days.. first, I’ve got myself a Jenome 2049 sewing machine, brand new from Epal Learning Centre. It is a multifunctional sewing machine that can do normal sewing with different footing and quilting. Epal has been doing roadshow to introduce this amazing and fully usable machine. I’ve noticed it years ago, just didn’t get the commitment to get down on it. So recently they were doing another roadshow in City Mall and giving out really good offer that comes with learning sessions free for 13 months, plus I can bring another person with me and learn together. Their opening time is quite long – normal days from 10am till 7.30pm, which means I can drop by anytime I want and get to learn from them.

Below is the address of the Epal Learning Centre:

F-0-7 & F-1-7, G Floor & 1st Floor,
Block F, Lorong Capital Karamunsing,
Karamunsing Capital
88300, Kota Kinabalu Sabah.
Tel: 088-447 066 / 016-8311298
Fax: 088-447 220

Any time that you wanted to learn or ask questions about those projects that you wanted to learn, you can always drop-by their centre in Karamunsing Capital, there will always be teachers around to talk to you. You can even bring your own sewing machine and complete your projects there.

What they are offering is different projects for each month and you can always buy the learning pack which comes with all materials to complete each project and get help from the teachers there. So far, I’ve completed a “Queen of Nature Hand Bag”, Upcycle Jeans Back Pack, Multipurpose bag which can fit in my sewing machine. If however you’ve missed the previous months’ project, you can always buy the pack and keep learning provided they haven’t sold out those project packs.

Below are some of the projects that I’ve done so far since May:

Up-cycle Jeans Backpack:


Mini project, which still got a final touch that I haven’t done – to remove those basting.

Mother’s Day Pouch:

Queen of Nature Bag, which involve lots of cutting and sewing.. and I haven’t sew on those beads on the top of the bag..

If you’ve bought their sewing machine, you will also have the privilege to log in to their e-learning centre over at

Having this Jenome 2049 machine gives me confident in sewing more projects and I’m now learning to do Baju Kurung, which is this month’s project.

Here is more details info about the machine: Mesin Jahit Serbaguna Janome MC2049.

Other than the normal monthly projects, they are also offering add-on projects such as making hand-bag. They will also teaches you how to use all those footing that you’ve for the machine. If however you can’t find the time to go to learn about that in their centre, no worry.. the machine comes with booklet and tell you how to use it.

If you are interested to learn more, do go to their centre in Karamunsing Capital, quote my name (Fon Mee) and surely they’ll be someone there to guide you through.

Happy sewing!

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