Gone too soon

Made this two nights ago and showed it to my colleagues just so I can get some feedback from them on what to improve and to know what they hope to see in this Fold-over Clutch. ‘Cos this is my first trial using PU that I bought from Epal Centre.

I, myself especially love that stripe of pattern which is all I’ve got left when I do this clutch. The key ring using the same pattern came in while I’m in the middle of doing it.

It founds it owner after I posted it in our sewing group. So glad that she loves it (sangat sangat suka) – that’s her words..haha.. I’m so happy too.

The size after folded is roundly 21 x 15 cm which keep Handphone and other stuff, maybe a folded wallet too.

Anyway, I’m so happy that he has such a good respond and quickly found its’ owner.

Note on eating out

ladies finger with damai belacan

Was in one of the local Chinese restaurant that offer good meal recently. I know this probably is not a good time to show so much meat here during this month, Good Friday is coming, remember?

However, I just want to record my gratitude here, being thankful for all the blessings that we are having now.

bitter gourd with salted egg york

There was a function going on at that time and we were hiding behind the divider curtain, with speaker that couldn’t be shut down on our end as the function didn’t occupy the whole floor. Lucky that they didn’t, else we won’t be able to even have dinner there.  Amidst all these, I’ve enjoyed my time with family.

steam mince pork with salted fish

On another note, if you run out of idea what to cook, try eating out with family, I mean the more the merrier, ‘cos you can try more variety of food, hopefully you’ll get inspired in trying out new dishes too.

fried pork knuckletofu with salted veggie soup

All these dishes are those that I normally either can’t or not able to cook and enjoy at home, cos I got fussy eater, plus .. Let’s face it, I’m not a brilliant cook (note to self).

Venue: New Wong Kok Restaurant, Jalan Kolam, Luyang.

Fave Pay and Nasi Kerabu

Had a chance to use Fave for the first time yesterday over at Turmeric restaurant (at Likas Driving Range). Fave is still pretty new in KK. Under food category, I can only to see offer at a few places which seems to be the same places. To me, it is the convenient that I’m looking for, such as cashless transaction that I can do over the counter by just scanning the merchant QR code, key in the amount that I need to pay and wuala, the rest is in my credit card.

Fave are doing offer such as first time user. Am hoping there are more such shops offering this kind of payment. You do need to download their app in order to enjoy the offer of discount.

As for yesterday, we have enjoyed a bit of the Nyonya “nasi kerabu” (bluish tint rice) and “kuih”, plus syrup blue (looks more like purple) drink.

Gonna show some photos taken by peiyoon90:

Above is our lunch in two different version of rice, blue is the Nasi Kerabu and yellow is the turmeric rice. That fur-ball thing is the kuih with gula melaka (palm sugar) inside.


This is the famous drink made with the colour from Clitoria ternatea or more commonly know as the “Bunga Telang”, or some call it butterfly pea which has a slice of lime inside and garnish with mint leave and Bunga Telang. The taste is refreshing.


As for this, this is highly recommended by the “tauke nyong” – Turmeric Latte. We were skeptical about it at first.. it turns out not bad.. with a bit of turmeric taste and the rest are coffee and milk taste just like any normal latte. Tauke nyong is very confident that we’ll order this in our next visit..

Oh ya.. as the first time user of Fave pay in Turmeric Restaurant, I get 20% from total bill. Not bad huh..  as for the price.. the rice is RM12 plus, latte is RM9.90, blue drink is less than RM5, the kuih is RM5 (I guess).. ‘cos I didn’t keep the receipt. Sorry guys…


I’ve learn a new word today – Ikigai. A Japanese word which made up of two Japanese words, Iki means live, alive; and gai means the result of it, the effect, the fruit.. check out over at wikipedia.

While I was browsing for books, title of books with this word came up and it caught my attention simply because I wasn’t on my feet today.. so I search further on its meaning and found that there are bloggers who wrote about it already.. There are two particular ones that I read:

Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life Might Just Help You Live a More Fulfilling Life


The Japanese Concept ‘Ikigai’ is a Formula for Happiness and Meaning

You’ve heard about hygge, you’d know that there is no simple direct translation from English, same goes to Ikigai. To me, Ikigai could means what makes you want to be alive, want to get up in the morning, the drive, that urge for being.

People now we are talking simplify living, minimalist, being environmental friendly, clutter clearing, and simply live better, more in tune with our inner self. I guess Ikigai is what everyone needs and what I should learn about too.

How to find out what’s your ikigai? Well.. first off, there are some thinking to do, which I hate.. I mean I don’t like to drill myself on what I love and have to put it down to words, I’ll just go ahead and do what I love even without knowingly.. However if you want to know more about Ikigai, I suggest you do some reading on this topic and dwell into those questions that ask you what you love, what you are good at, what the world need and what you can be paid for.

As for me, you can say that I’m running away from all these questions, maybe one day (not sure how soon), I’ll come back to this and really think it over.

Happy thoughts for you!

To Saigon

Vietname Pho with lots of herbs and bean sprout

I just came from a trip last night, my first ever visit to Ho Chi Minh city, or some people call it Saigon. Still have that Vietnam coffee after taste, and that bruises on my hand (will talk about this later).

Seen both the struggling street with night market (which seems to have more tourist than locals) and the modern shopping mall with branded goods, working class in suits and heels. Locals that don’t speak English at all and tour guide who are well verse in English. Seen also rude customer who doesn’t give the effort to communicate with non-English speaking workers and demanded to know when they can have their pedi-mani session, which at the end being turned away, most probably the chose not to serve them (ha! serve you right!). Seen also spa center that asked for tips which made the whole thing way more expensive than it looks and tourist area or pit-stop that sang you traditional songs and ready a basket for tips.

Seen locals who speak in simple foreign languages to serve their foreign customers, including Malay Language, English and Chinese. To me they are really friendly, sometimes over friendly that they’ll hold your hand just so you don’t walk away after asking how much is their stuff cost. Next sentence follow will be “How much you buy? How much how much?” (in a very strong Vietnamese accent). Next thing is you started to bargain with them. Something from 250,000 dong can turn out to be 150,000 dong! Depends on where you are and what things you are bargaining at.

You’ll find lots and lots of hand craft things, including from wood, fabric, bags, shoes, key-chain, magnet, fresh flowers in baskets.

We stay near to Ben Thanh Market. So, every night around 6:30pm, bikers going pass with their stalls, yes, the canvas with steels and wheels! They’ll be holding on their bike in one hand and another hand on the canvas, even the whole wardrobe! In minutes, they’ll be able to set up their stalls, within half an hour, all their stuff will be hung nicely and ready for business.

Wifi is available every where, with closed access. So if you are in a restaurant, you can easily get the password from the waiter or look out for it at their menu. So, grab yourself a cuppa, have a seat and you’ll be able to surf the net again without having to get a local data card. No worry about getting lost, people are very helpful just as long as they know where do you mean you want to go.

You can see Starbucks and Coffee Bean here and there, even Baskin Robins. Though local coffee is the cheapest and original, ha!

Another thing, if you want to get across the road, don’t worry too much on the motorcylist, as long as you keep on your pace and cross the road on a green light, even when it is red. ‘cos in coming traffic can turn right on a red light. Do watch out for cars though, it is harder for them to avoid you. Face mask is available vastly in the stores everywhere. And you’ll see Grab service using motorcycle. You can tell by their helmet. Give it a try if you are adventurous, but you’ll need proper dataline to do that.

However, there are some motocyclist who prefer to ride on the pavement, so do be carefull even when you are using the walkway. I got bump into by a motor while walking on the pavement, and got a blue-black on my hand. Anyway, nothing major..except leaving a hole on my blouse’ sleeve.

If you love high places, a view from the top or to step on to an iconic building, try Sai Gon Skydeck.

View from Skydeck

Like to dine on a cruise ship, try that in Khanh Hoi Nha Rong Port.

Want to know how a president live, visit Independence Palace.

Want to know about the before and after the war in Vietnam, visit the War memorial museum.

Want to go inside an old cathedral, visit Notre Dame Cathedral Of Saigon.

Or if you like.. visit the temple ..

Chinese Temple

Try the boat ride in Mekong river if you dare..

Boat ride in Mekong Delta

There are just too many photos to share, I’ll just post a few here as I’ve already shared most in my Insta account.

Overall.. it has been a fun trip.

Instax wall

You know how you always take photos and yet never got them printed? And every time you want to look at them, you’ll have to browse through your phone / camera / computer? I would love to remind myself of all those fun moment that I have while taking photos.. so I got them printed out using my Instax Share SP-1 and I get to stick them up on my wall .. the one that I spend a lot of time at – office! The wall right in front of my PC.

Mostly photos of my colleagues and family.. those that I treasure of course..

What about you, do you print out your photos? Do you have a wall such as mine to remind yourself of all the blessings that you have?

relaxing with the best sunset

It was a fattening time on Saturday.. I’ve been missing my Smoke Salmon Ceaser Salad from Sutera Marina Club..

Just the two of us, me and my son who made Chicken Finger in the kids’ menu as his favourite food, other than the mango juice that is a must order if we are there.

He finished my Vanilla Milk Shake instead.. so I guess after this, his new favourite would be Vanilla Milk Shake.

While we were enjoying the sunset, I noticed that there were two long tables that has been reserved and those taking the tables are from China (from their accent). Ended up my nice sunset view was being blocked by them, when there were only a few seconds before the sun disappeared over the horizon..

Well.. at least this let me know that why some people call this the best place (or among the best places) to watch sunset.

We do have great stuff in KK (Kota Kinabalu).



Photo credit: porcupine patterns and craftpassion

The Net always offer goodies, free! Came across this lunch bag making tutorial this morning, the best part is free!

Though I’ve a membership with Epal learning centre street getting my Janome sewing machine, still who didn’t like free stuff?

I’ve recently got a free Qipao pattern online as well. There is even a write up on how to do it here. You’ll find the link to the pattern in the write up.

Chinese new year is coming, why not make yourself a Qipao for this auspicious occasion.

Happy sewing you all…