Why travel?

Had just been back from a visit to Hong Kong, a familiar place but still foreign for me. A place that I’ve been vising for the past few years and yet every time there are new things that I notice, new experience that I gain and always, always a new feelings. Never once that it feels the same even when I went back to the same place, same spot.

When I did a google search on why travel, there’s a page where people share on what they think and showed fantastic photos that they’ve taken. It is just amazing what traveling can do.

For those who love to read, “The world is a book and those who do not travel only read a page” – St. Agustine.

Go travel, not just to see new place, to experience their way of life, to eat what they are eating, do what the local do, experience it, face it and let it be a part of your memories.

Travel to see how small you are. Travel to see how big the world is though the internet made the world seems small.

Travel, do it while you can.

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