Trying new stuff

Yupe, more trial from YouTube tutorial recently. This time is a mini zipper box pouch that can be used as key ring and attached to your bag or simply just inside your bag. pouch7

It can fit in at least two normal size lipsticks, but for sure you can use it to fit in any small stuff.


The tutorial is available at Keyring zipper pouch.


Another pouch that I’ve learnt to do over yet another free tutorial is a siamese zipper pouch.

Using the same pattern fabric, I came up with this:pouch4


Am thinking to try this again using thinner fuse.

The tutorial is available at Siamese zipper pouch

Well.. more to come and hopefully I will manage to sewed up 10 keyring zipper pouch for a friend who’ll be back next month.

Craziness haven’t passed yet..

Just not yet. I hope I’ll keep sewing, keep learning and keep sharing over here on the stuff that I’ve made.

Below are some more pouches or sewing stuff that I’ve made recently and haven’t got the chance to share them here.

First off is the Morning Glory Pouch which I’ve learned from a free tutorial.  Tell you what, most of my pouches pattern are from free tutorial online either from websites or from YouTube. Internet is an awesome place if you use it wisely, right? 😉

This is the 3rd time I’ve made this pouch, the free pattern is over here.

Second up is a zipper pouch that I’ve sewed up the left over fabric that I love. Am glad that I can still make a little pouch from it. This time I tried on adding a yellow biding at the side and this is how it looks like:


Fully lined too.pouch2


As for the following one, I’ve tried new thing, making a tag place for my staff card in office. I’m getting tired with the boring plastic tag that I was using, so I came up with this. Proudly wearing mine now.pouch3

I’ve more to share, but will safe it for the next post. I’m hoping to sew more and able to sell them.

Happy crafting!

Sewing crazily

Yupe, that’s what happened, I’ve been sewing and sewing recently, have made 3 zipper card pouches which one of them is with oil cloth, one snappy mani pouch, one oil cloth dumpling pouch and one improved (so call) dumpling pouch. Only those in oil cloth are by request by a dear friend, and good to hear that she loves it!

Have given away a card slot to someone who has lots of cards in her wallet till she can’t snap it close! She’s enjoying her pension time now and today probably out with friends yum cha somewhere.

Below are the pouches that I’ve made in random order:

Zipper card pouch, pattern is available over at Craft Passion

card pouch

card pouch2

Snappy mani pouch, pattern available over at Noodle Head snappymani snappymani2 snappymani3 snappymani4snappymani5

Oil cloth Zipper card pouch and dumpling pouch. You can find the pattern for dumpling pouch easily online. One is here at Michelle Patterns


Another dumpling pouch. This time I’ve used a canvas cloth and sew up the end of the zipper so when it is fully opened up, things won’t fall out. Love this pattern.dumpling1dumpling2

Well, I’m sure you at least can find one of the above interesting and wanted to sew it for yourself, so… ,happy sewing!!

Waterproof pouch

Hi there.. It is almost the end of May, means long weekend plus holidays for us here in Sabah, for we will be celebrating the Kaamatan (Harvest Festival) at the end of the month. Means kids’ school holiday is coming pretty soon.

Today I want to share a pouch that I’ve sewed up last night using waterproof material. This is my second waterproof bag, haven’t share the previous one though.

This one is pretty simple, the hardest part is to flip it over and also sewing the end of the zip.


Love this simply pouch simply because it is waterproof and I can fit in some cosmetic in there for travel. I didn’t use any lining for this pouch ‘cos simply it doesn’t need.

I’ve a bag from Cath Kidston which is also waterproof material and it doesn’t have lining too. The one I have is similar to this below:


Well, you can also make yourself one like Cath Kidston if you can get the waterproof material.

Happy sewing!


Travel theme morning glory pouch

Hey there, I’ve got another pouch to share today. It is the same design with the previous bag – Morning Glory Pouch

I did another one ‘cos someone was actually wanting the first one but couldn’t get it. I guess this will be my last. ha! (I don’t believe myself either).

This time I’ve used a travel theme piece of material, filled with airplanes, Eiffel Tower, travel wordings and one blue polkadat pattern with a tag (You’ll see it on the last picture)

travel bag1 travel bag2 travel bag3

Can fit in my glasses!travel bag4

There, the pattern with a bag5

Glad that it has gone to new home with owner that loves it.

Morning glory pouch

It is call the “morning glory pouch”! Not sure why but I love the look of it so I’ve downloaded the free pattern, I mean I’ve checked-out from their website and printed the pattern, went home, look at my stash of linen, cotton one especially and that one cloths that I love so much that I haven’t started snipping on it. So this time, I’m going to use it for good cause. haha..

The pattern is here…

Then… I discovered that my sewing machine isn’t working as it suppose to be.. so I had to sew by hand.

Here is the result of it, all hand-stitch except one straight line in the inside pocket, I managed to use the machine for awhile. ha!morning glory bag1 morning glory bag2morning glory bag3 morning glory bag4

Here is something from Blue Calla Pattern about this pouch: “This adorable pouch is the perfect companion to the Moonflower Tote! This is a small pouch with a flap with a magnetic snap closure. There are pleats on the bottom to give the pouch some depth. Similar to the Moonflower tote, there is a reverse applique circle on the flap that allows you to feature a small piece of your favourite fabric. The pattern’s instructions include a small slip pocket inside. If you’d like to add card slots and an exterior zippered pocket, you can follow this tutorial and turn the Morning Glory into an adorable wallet!”

So, you see, you can also turn it into a wallet!

As for me, I’m happy with what it offers originally and skip that part about turning it into a wallet.. well.. maybe when I’ve got my machine fixed.

Oh.. I haven’t mentioned that I’ve shared this over in my FB and insta, got an instant like from my friends and within that day, I’ve got it booked and consider sold, hehe.. Wasn’t an easy decision actually, at first I wanted to make it for myself since I love every linen that I bought.. then again.. I thought to myself.. I don’t need that many bags or pouches, so why not let my friend has it and she can enjoy it like I do.

So.. ya.. I have it sold to someone that will love it as much as I do.

Another project life spread

Yes, right after Easter, I’ve got this to share – just another Project Life spread.

This time to record what we did on Friday, after welcoming back hubby from the air-port. We went to our familiar place – Marina club of Sutera Harbor Resort.

Tried out their breakfast platter with porch egg and discovered that I pretty much prefer sunny-side-up instead of porch egg. Plus, I prefer McD’s pancake. Anyhow, we finished our breakfast.

project life1

Been loving Ali Edwards’ word stamp. So have been using a lot of her stamp on one of the cards shown here:

project life2

Hope you all have a great week!

Almost lost it

Guess what, if the email didn’t get through, if their service is lousy, if I’m giving up, you all will not see this page in this site which belongs to me.

I’ve passed the renewal date of my domain and I’ve got another month to renew before they delete it. And the frustrating part was that… I can’t get it renew online, it kept bugging me out from the system telling me that my session has expired. Bummer..

Phew.. luckily they’ve responded to my request in hours, and I’ve made my renewal payment this morning.. so here I am again in this virtual world, updating my blog.

Hopefully more good things to come and I’m still able to share what I’ve done in my scrapbook or craft.

So, today just mark the day that I got my blog back, everything in contact and serve as a good reminder for self to remember to renew my domain, ha!

Project life spread – Sri Lanka

Hi there, here we are moving into the 2nd week of March, time flies, being grateful of what I have and what I can do.
Haven’t been doing Project Life pages for a while now… and I found some really old photos of us in Sri Lanka when hubby was working there and when Calvin was just over a year old.

The initial plan was to move over there, stay there for good while hubby work there.. but it turns out that it was a job that he worked, and then change job. It was actually a nice place to stay even though Tamil Tiger was active at that time and it was before the 2004 Tsunami. Am glad that he’s no longer working there, though I miss the visits, passing-by the narrow streets where all the cars fully using their honk to get where they wanted and the attention that they needed. Also missing those shop-houses along the way where you can see all sorts of sarees in all sort of design and colors hanging in the shops. There were also quite a lot of German’s own resorts (I heard) which serve good BBQ buffet.

I got my first Saree made in Columbo that year, which was being measure, tailored and delivered that next day! That’s how fast they are. Now, I can’t fit in the little Saree blouse.

So, here are some of the photos that I manage to keep:

Our first day in Colombo:

With Hubby’s colleague and one of the colleague’s daughter.
20160220_122518 20160220_122656 20160220_122752

I wasn’t needed to do any laundry while we were there, not even cooking, food were provided and they always had BBQ during weekend. The club-house is just less than 5 minutes away, food were being served there.

Do miss those time though…


Have a great week you all.

Page with Calvin


It is March already, how fast! And… I’ve done another page using molding paste, they are fun! Especially with embossed end-result and I can change the color of the paste by mixing it with misting spray. Didn’t use much of the embellishment this time, especially not using any Prima flower.

with calvin

Here are some close-up of the page.

with calvin1

You can see I’ve been using word stamp from Ali Edwards. I’m still subscribe to her story telling stamp every month, just love to watch her lesson videos and ideas in recording life stories. Am also trying to record down stories in my life and hopefully can read them in the future when I get really really old (if I do get that old), ha!

with calvin3

Have also use some die-cut from Basic Grey and brads just to add some dimension to the page.

Well, start creating and have fun!