Fave Pay and Nasi Kerabu

Had a chance to use Fave for the first time yesterday over at Turmeric restaurant (at Likas Driving Range). Fave is still pretty new in KK. Under food category, I can only to see offer at a few places which seems to be the same places. To me, it is the convenient that I’m looking for, such as cashless transaction that I can do over the counter by just scanning the merchant QR code, key in the amount that I need to pay and wuala, the rest is in my credit card.

Fave are doing offer such as first time user. Am hoping there are more such shops offering this kind of payment. You do need to download their app in order to enjoy the offer of discount.

As for yesterday, we have enjoyed a bit of the Nyonya “nasi kerabu” (bluish tint rice) and “kuih”, plus syrup blue (looks more like purple) drink.

Gonna show some photos taken by peiyoon90:

Above is our lunch in two different version of rice, blue is the Nasi Kerabu and yellow is the turmeric rice. That fur-ball thing is the kuih with gula melaka (palm sugar) inside.


This is the famous drink made with the colour from Clitoria ternatea or more commonly know as the “Bunga Telang”, or some call it butterfly pea which has a slice of lime inside and garnish with mint leave and Bunga Telang. The taste is refreshing.


As for this, this is highly recommended by the “tauke nyong” – Turmeric Latte. We were skeptical about it at first.. it turns out not bad.. with a bit of turmeric taste and the rest are coffee and milk taste just like any normal latte. Tauke nyong is very confident that we’ll order this in our next visit..

Oh ya.. as the first time user of Fave pay in Turmeric Restaurant, I get 20% from total bill. Not bad huh..  as for the price.. the rice is RM12 plus, latte is RM9.90, blue drink is less than RM5, the kuih is RM5 (I guess).. ‘cos I didn’t keep the receipt. Sorry guys…

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