Sewing crazily

Yupe, that’s what happened, I’ve been sewing and sewing recently, have made 3 zipper card pouches which one of them is with oil cloth, one snappy mani pouch, one oil cloth dumpling pouch and one improved (so call) dumpling pouch. Only those in oil cloth are by request by a dear friend, and good to hear that she loves it!

Have given away a card slot to someone who has lots of cards in her wallet till she can’t snap it close! She’s enjoying her pension time now and today probably out with friends yum cha somewhere.

Below are the pouches that I’ve made in random order:

Zipper card pouch, pattern is available over at Craft Passion

card pouch

card pouch2

Snappy mani pouch, pattern available over at Noodle Head snappymani snappymani2 snappymani3 snappymani4snappymani5

Oil cloth Zipper card pouch and dumpling pouch. You can find the pattern for dumpling pouch easily online. One is here at Michelle Patterns


Another dumpling pouch. This time I’ve used a canvas cloth and sew up the end of the zipper so when it is fully opened up, things won’t fall out. Love this pattern.dumpling1dumpling2

Well, I’m sure you at least can find one of the above interesting and wanted to sew it for yourself, so… ,happy sewing!!

Waterproof pouch

Hi there.. It is almost the end of May, means long weekend plus holidays for us here in Sabah, for we will be celebrating the Kaamatan (Harvest Festival) at the end of the month. Means kids’ school holiday is coming pretty soon.

Today I want to share a pouch that I’ve sewed up last night using waterproof material. This is my second waterproof bag, haven’t share the previous one though.

This one is pretty simple, the hardest part is to flip it over and also sewing the end of the zip.


Love this simply pouch simply because it is waterproof and I can fit in some cosmetic in there for travel. I didn’t use any lining for this pouch ‘cos simply it doesn’t need.

I’ve a bag from Cath Kidston which is also waterproof material and it doesn’t have lining too. The one I have is similar to this below:


Well, you can also make yourself one like Cath Kidston if you can get the waterproof material.

Happy sewing!


Travel theme morning glory pouch

Hey there, I’ve got another pouch to share today. It is the same design with the previous bag – Morning Glory Pouch

I did another one ‘cos someone was actually wanting the first one but couldn’t get it. I guess this will be my last. ha! (I don’t believe myself either).

This time I’ve used a travel theme piece of material, filled with airplanes, Eiffel Tower, travel wordings and one blue polkadat pattern with a tag (You’ll see it on the last picture)

travel bag1 travel bag2 travel bag3

Can fit in my glasses!travel bag4

There, the pattern with a bag5

Glad that it has gone to new home with owner that loves it.

Morning glory pouch

It is call the “morning glory pouch”! Not sure why but I love the look of it so I’ve downloaded the free pattern, I mean I’ve checked-out from their website and printed the pattern, went home, look at my stash of linen, cotton one especially and that one cloths that I love so much that I haven’t started snipping on it. So this time, I’m going to use it for good cause. haha..

The pattern is here…

Then… I discovered that my sewing machine isn’t working as it suppose to be.. so I had to sew by hand.

Here is the result of it, all hand-stitch except one straight line in the inside pocket, I managed to use the machine for awhile. ha!morning glory bag1 morning glory bag2morning glory bag3 morning glory bag4

Here is something from Blue Calla Pattern about this pouch: “This adorable pouch is the perfect companion to the Moonflower Tote! This is a small pouch with a flap with a magnetic snap closure. There are pleats on the bottom to give the pouch some depth. Similar to the Moonflower tote, there is a reverse applique circle on the flap that allows you to feature a small piece of your favourite fabric. The pattern’s instructions include a small slip pocket inside. If you’d like to add card slots and an exterior zippered pocket, you can follow this tutorial and turn the Morning Glory into an adorable wallet!”

So, you see, you can also turn it into a wallet!

As for me, I’m happy with what it offers originally and skip that part about turning it into a wallet.. well.. maybe when I’ve got my machine fixed.

Oh.. I haven’t mentioned that I’ve shared this over in my FB and insta, got an instant like from my friends and within that day, I’ve got it booked and consider sold, hehe.. Wasn’t an easy decision actually, at first I wanted to make it for myself since I love every linen that I bought.. then again.. I thought to myself.. I don’t need that many bags or pouches, so why not let my friend has it and she can enjoy it like I do.

So.. ya.. I have it sold to someone that will love it as much as I do.

Cosmetic Bag With Frame


Hello there! Happy Weekend! For those in the West, Happy Halloween!

I love Pinterest, there are just so much beautiful stuff that people pin and share. I found this cosmetic frame bag tutorial through it and I just have to try making it myself.

The author actually using a 20x4cm bag frame that I don’t have, so I figure out the size of the cloths that I need to cut myself base upon the size that she shared.

The frame size that I’m using is 15x6cm, I figure the height of the side should be 3 times of the side of my frame, which is 6cmx3. And I need to add in some allowance for the sewing part. So the size of my cloths is actually 30x20cm with sewing allowance.

Initially I wanted to use the more elaborate designed side as the front, but after finished sewing up the bag and wanted to put t a”handmade’ tag, I find that having a simpler canvas as the front is better for the tag, so I ended up using the simple air-plane design as the front.


Well, now that I have another new bag and satisfied with the sewing and knowing more on the exact steps in making this bag, there could be more coming up.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you all are having fun creating!

First time sewing coin pouch

I love to sew, I also love to shop and admire how others are doing bag sewing and selling them online. I’m always curious on how their fabric felt like and how thick their bags could be. So recently I saw this coin pouch selling online. One which I’ve already got the pattern and tutorial, but sometimes you just can’t tell how it feels like at the end. So I told myself I just need to know how their workmanship is and how is the feel of the end product, so I bought one online and am really glad I did.

You can get the picture tutorial of the coin pouch in my Pinterest under “Sew” Board. Someone is actually selling the pattern over at Etsy. But you can get the whole story if you know Chinese over here. The pictures actually could speak by themselves. Get the pattern here. Give it a try, you’ll love it . Just wanna add, I’m using cloth fusible for light linen cloths.

coin pouches

Snap buttons were done professionally in the shop this time and I’ll definitely going back for more.

coin pouches1

Cute, aren’t they? I especially love the one with cat print. Miao!!

I think I’m going to make some more. I’ve sold two of them,  now left the one with flower pattern at the bottom left and balloons on top right.


Favorite photos / blog posts in 2014

Merry Christmas!

It has been a great year. One that I went for 6 months unpaid leave. One that I found out I love sewing up clutches and bags. One that I’ve enjoyed.

Here are my favorite photos in 2014 which some are simply I love to see and remember..


1. This orchid is special to me, ‘cos it was bought in remembering a dear colleague with a happy smile and who always said that he wanted to come for coffee.


you2. My favorite layout this year = “You” layout of my kiddos happy faces. I love working with Ali Edwards’ word stamps which is so versatile and a good reminder on life, on just be, on instilling positive thoughts and showing my love to my kiddos.


me and calvin

3. Birthday! August is the Birthday month for my big kiddo – Calvin. Who turned 11 this year.


card pouch2

4. This year has been a productive year for me in terms of sewing. Almost all learned through online tutorial. Including this cards’ holder and I am still loving and using it.



5. School holidays has been something that got my stressed out for arranging where my kiddos would go, but this time I managed to get them to join in the fun in Petrosains exhibition. So we went for a handicraft exhibition host by Petrosains, which we had a great time weaving up baskets and drawing batikand. love the work that was done by my kiddos.


tree clutch

6. In terms of sewing, I especially love this clutch pattern through an online tutorial. So I’ve been sewing the similar pattern and this clutch was bought by my colleague.


project life6

7. I’ve been telling myself to get back on my scrapbook pages and started creating again. So I’ve started doing “Project Life” layout. Having bought an Instax Share printer make life easier too.


Light lunch scrapbook page8. Being back to work in July means I’ll need to be in between work and being a chauffeur for my kiddos. Here we managed to “escape” for a while and have our light lunch in Breadboss, Damai. Did this layout and love how it turned out.


Well, it is almost the end of 2014. I’m glad that I’ve enjoyed my year and I hope you do too.


Overall happy thoughts and a pouch

Haha.. This is hilarious! I’ve just read this : – A seamstress’s guide to surviving the holiday. Nope, so far I don’t have that problem, but I do get people expecting me to just sew for them for anything they like and expect it to be cheap, haha.. well.. some part of the article is so true, like that one about the amount of time being spent in getting a project done. I’ve quoted the whole paragraph here:

“They don’t see the big picture.  Not the amount of hours working on the project (shopping for fabric, measuring and cutting, sewing, ironing, etc.), which also equals the amount of hours spent away from my family. Not the money for the cost of supplies (let alone an hourly wage), nor the fact that I need to pay a babysitter to watch my kids. Because most Mom don’t get ‘free’ time. Ever. (That’s my favorite BTW…the ‘in your spare time’ line. Psh – in my spare time I will be watching Black List, thank you very much – ha!)”

I’m not complaining, I’m just glad that at least there are people who look up to me for making stuff for them, it means they like what I do. I just hope I’ve so much time to do it and fulfill their request.

I’ve been away for 2 weeks, Two whole weeks without doing any sewing and craft stuff, I miss my craft-room. And I wanted to get back to the December Daily project that I intended to do.

Here, I’ll share a bag that I’ve made before the holiday.


two-tone pouch two-tone pouch1

I’ve used the Happy Party Line for the upper body and some scrap pieces that I bought in a little bundle for the base. May May Shop is selling the bundle for trial pack in RM15 which came in 10 pieces of different design fabric, which is great to make little pouches, you’ll just need to join them up with other fabric.

Keep the happy thoughts there and since Christmas is coming, surely you’ll have lots to prepare and talking about that, I haven’t got our Christmas tree decorated yet.

Happy happy happy, just keep being positive.

Well, that’s it for today, I hope you’ll have a great week.

Simple sling bag

Hi hi, I’m going to share a sling bag that is requested by my colleague. Which is in the same pattern with the clutch that I’ve made before, except this time it is with a sling that she can put on her shoulder. I love this bag ‘cos it can fit in a small bottle, handphone (size of a Samsung Note III), keys, pack of tissue and maybe some other small stuff like lipstick. I guess it is a go to bag whenever she wanted to get out of the house for a short trip and even for the evening function.


I’ve made it with the Party Line again.

Here goes:


sling bag sling bag1sling bag2 sling bag3

The colors look a bit brighter in the photos. The color scheme is more like the last photo, but it all depends on the screen resolution.


Well, I still have several under request bags to make, gonna need those umph to carry on making them.. things have been going slow these days..

Your “like” and comments probably would do the tricks!

Thanking you in advance.

Pouch .. this and that..

Hi you all, it has been cool here after several days of rain. It is actually the best time to stay in-door, rest or sew!

Last week I came up with one that I love dearly – a bag for my Instax Share Printer! Yay!

Yupe, I’ve just got this toy in last week and already loving what it can do. And I’ve printed out tiny photos for my Project Life plus Ali Edwards prompt project. Will show you in the next post.

So here it goes..  All fabrics are from May May Shop.

This one is not for sell.

instax pouch


instax pouch1

instax pouch2

instax pouch3

instax pouch4

 “Party Line” pouch with pull string

Dimensions: approximately 8″ x 5″ x 2″
Made with linen cotton


Next is this clutch below which turn out to be loved by my colleague instantly.




 “Cath Kidston Classic Bunch Rose” blue base pouch

Dimensions: approximately 11″ x 6.5″
Made with linen cotton
1 Opened Pocket
1 Zipper Pocket
Magnet Button Closure
Fully Interfacing and batting

Can fit in a phone, cash, cards, etc.



Lastly is a pouch that is under request by someone who love that fabric so much.

Sorry for the blurry photos..

thick pouch

thick pouch1

thick pouch2

 “Party Line” Colorful stripe pouch

Dimensions: approximately 7.5″ x 4.5″
Made with linen cotton
1 Opened Pocket
1 Zipper Pocket
Magnet Button Closure
Fully Interfacing and batting

Can fit in a phone, cash, cards, etc.



So there, and I’ve more to make ..

Thanks for stopping by. I hope maybe this will trigger you in doing something, hand-made I mean.