Gone too soon

Made this two nights ago and showed it to my colleagues just so I can get some feedback from them on what to improve and to know what they hope to see in this Fold-over Clutch. ‘Cos this is my first trial using PU that I bought from Epal Centre.

I, myself especially love that stripe of pattern which is all I’ve got left when I do this clutch. The key ring using the same pattern came in while I’m in the middle of doing it.

It founds it owner after I posted it in our sewing group. So glad that she loves it (sangat sangat suka) – that’s her words..haha.. I’m so happy too.

The size after folded is roundly 21 x 15 cm which keep Handphone and other stuff, maybe a folded wallet too.

Anyway, I’m so happy that he has such a good respond and quickly found its’ owner.



Photo credit: porcupine patterns and craftpassion

The Net always offer goodies, free! Came across this lunch bag making tutorial this morning, the best part is free!

Though I’ve a membership with Epal learning centre street getting my Janome sewing machine, still who didn’t like free stuff?

I’ve recently got a free Qipao pattern online as well. There is even a write up on how to do it here. You’ll find the link to the pattern in the write up.

Chinese new year is coming, why not make yourself a Qipao for this auspicious occasion.

Happy sewing you all…

Celebration month

Hello there, how’s July to all?
This is a special month for me, my birthday month. And thanks to my colleagues who threw me a surprise birthday cake. First ever birthday cake celebration in office, complete with candles and wishes ceremony, ha! Sounds big huh?

If you are following my in Insta, you would see that I’ve posted about it..

Minus the music like most people did in the restaurant like UpperStar..haha.. maybe a simple guitar solo would do, huh?

Anyway, coming back to birthday, there would be another celebration this Sunday, this time it is my turn to get ready a cake for it. Well, since I would be the one who pay for it, I will definitely get something that I love..ehhe..

Next chance in getting a cake would be just next month, another celebration, yay!

As for sewing projects, I’m currently doing another “Baby bag” using dye yarn fabric.. hopefully it will turn out even better than what I’ve made before.

Here is something that I’ve done by following the instructions through YouTube:

A very simple bag come with zipper and front pocket. Of course I’ve added more pockets inside..

Until then.. Happy July to you all..

Baby bag fever

This is the first baby bag that I’ve made using bag package from Epal Learning Centre. Everything is ready from materials, fusible interfacing, lining, handle and zipper. The package also include the bag pattern and instructions. All I need is just cutting tools and a good sewing machine. In my case, I’m using Jenome 2049 which is fully functional by itself.

Love how it turns out and intended to do another one in smaller size with sling. So I came up with this:

Material used are from “Queen of nature” bag. That package left bits of materials that I can put together plus my own lining to do this second baby bag. This time I’ve used piping on the side, and added side pockets and front zipper. Immediately it was taken once I show my colleagues.

Once it was sold, I got another order for another baby bag in purple theme. Well, she loves purple.. so I gather some fabric which are mostly purple in colour and bought a pack of 5″x5″ fabric from Epal Learning Centre, and come up with this:

It is purple enough, right? Again, this one has side pockets and front zipper.

Have just bought some more 5V zipper yesterday and light dye fabric online, intended to do some more baby bag.. I might just make one for myself this time.

So, have you done anything new lately? Do leave a comment below and share what you’ve created.

Handmade, made with love, unique and one and only.

Happy sewing!

Sew sew sew…

I’m really into sewing these days.. first, I’ve got myself a Jenome 2049 sewing machine, brand new from Epal Learning Centre. It is a multifunctional sewing machine that can do normal sewing with different footing and quilting. Epal has been doing roadshow to introduce this amazing and fully usable machine. I’ve noticed it years ago, just didn’t get the commitment to get down on it. So recently they were doing another roadshow in City Mall and giving out really good offer that comes with learning sessions free for 13 months, plus I can bring another person with me and learn together. Their opening time is quite long – normal days from 10am till 7.30pm, which means I can drop by anytime I want and get to learn from them.

Below is the address of the Epal Learning Centre:

F-0-7 & F-1-7, G Floor & 1st Floor,
Block F, Lorong Capital Karamunsing,
Karamunsing Capital
88300, Kota Kinabalu Sabah.
Tel: 088-447 066 / 016-8311298
Fax: 088-447 220
Email: info@epal.com.my

Any time that you wanted to learn or ask questions about those projects that you wanted to learn, you can always drop-by their centre in Karamunsing Capital, there will always be teachers around to talk to you. You can even bring your own sewing machine and complete your projects there.

What they are offering is different projects for each month and you can always buy the learning pack which comes with all materials to complete each project and get help from the teachers there. So far, I’ve completed a “Queen of Nature Hand Bag”, Upcycle Jeans Back Pack, Multipurpose bag which can fit in my sewing machine. If however you’ve missed the previous months’ project, you can always buy the pack and keep learning provided they haven’t sold out those project packs.

Below are some of the projects that I’ve done so far since May:

Up-cycle Jeans Backpack:


Mini project, which still got a final touch that I haven’t done – to remove those basting.

Mother’s Day Pouch:

Queen of Nature Bag, which involve lots of cutting and sewing.. and I haven’t sew on those beads on the top of the bag..

If you’ve bought their sewing machine, you will also have the privilege to log in to their e-learning centre over at epaldiy.com

Having this Jenome 2049 machine gives me confident in sewing more projects and I’m now learning to do Baju Kurung, which is this month’s project.

Here is more details info about the machine: Mesin Jahit Serbaguna Janome MC2049.

Other than the normal monthly projects, they are also offering add-on projects such as making hand-bag. They will also teaches you how to use all those footing that you’ve for the machine. If however you can’t find the time to go to learn about that in their centre, no worry.. the machine comes with booklet and tell you how to use it.

If you are interested to learn more, do go to their centre in Karamunsing Capital, quote my name (Fon Mee) and surely they’ll be someone there to guide you through.

Happy sewing!

Long zipper pouch

Been wanting to do this ever since I saw the YouTube tutorial.. but just couldn’t get the result I wanted as I knew there are pouches out there that is sturdy and neatly put together. Thus for the past two days, I’ve enrolled myself to a one-to-one class of sewing just to learn how to sew up this…


This was taken on the first day right after the class. Having to be there from 10:30 till 4 plus except lunch hour, I managed to sewed up the cover of the zipper pouch.

Sew Lovely DIY shop’s owner recommended that fabric which I bought from her shop earlier on. Indeed I love how it turns out.

This pouch uses a thick fusible interfacing that is sturdy and need to shape up with putting something inside overnight. What we did was to put some thick folded-up fabric inside.

To match the outer fabric, I’ve chosen a brown fabric for the lining. It came with cute little houses.

longzipperpouch02 longzipperpouch03 longzipperpouch04 longzipperpouch05

There are more than 3 types of fusible interfacing being used on this zipper pouch. The last part is the most dreadful process for me, as I need to hand-sew the otter layer and the inner layer together.

Shop owner recommend using sewing string that is in high quality with double string some more!

Really love how it turns out for this pouches and I am definitely making more of it if I can get more packs of the fusible interfacing from Sew Lovely DIY Shop.

I’m so glad that Sew Lovely DIY Shop offer a one-to-one class and the charges is really very minimal. The condition is to buy all materials from her shop, which is fair enough.

Sew Lovely DIY Shop also offer other classes for pouches such as coin pouch, bags and even doll knitting. Check out their FB site!

Chao for now!

Cute Morning Glory Pouch

I can’t.  I really can’t hold these cutie in my home and not showing them to you.





Aren’t they affordable? I love how these pouches turn out with the little girl in the middle and the combination of those fabric together is just perfect. I hope they’ll find a way into your hearts. 

The lining fabric are actually from Taiwan and The States that I bought from a local craft store. They can actually be used as the surface fabric instead of the lining. Well, am using good quality stuff here.. Great!

Have a good week!

Trying new stuff

Yupe, more trial from YouTube tutorial recently. This time is a mini zipper box pouch that can be used as key ring and attached to your bag or simply just inside your bag. pouch7

It can fit in at least two normal size lipsticks, but for sure you can use it to fit in any small stuff.


The tutorial is available at Keyring zipper pouch.


Another pouch that I’ve learnt to do over yet another free tutorial is a siamese zipper pouch.

Using the same pattern fabric, I came up with this:pouch4


Am thinking to try this again using thinner fuse.

The tutorial is available at Siamese zipper pouch

Well.. more to come and hopefully I will manage to sewed up 10 keyring zipper pouch for a friend who’ll be back next month.

Craziness haven’t passed yet..

Just not yet. I hope I’ll keep sewing, keep learning and keep sharing over here on the stuff that I’ve made.

Below are some more pouches or sewing stuff that I’ve made recently and haven’t got the chance to share them here.

First off is the Morning Glory Pouch which I’ve learned from a free tutorial.  Tell you what, most of my pouches pattern are from free tutorial online either from websites or from YouTube. Internet is an awesome place if you use it wisely, right? 😉

This is the 3rd time I’ve made this pouch, the free pattern is over here.

Second up is a zipper pouch that I’ve sewed up the left over fabric that I love. Am glad that I can still make a little pouch from it. This time I tried on adding a yellow biding at the side and this is how it looks like:


Fully lined too.pouch2


As for the following one, I’ve tried new thing, making a tag place for my staff card in office. I’m getting tired with the boring plastic tag that I was using, so I came up with this. Proudly wearing mine now.pouch3

I’ve more to share, but will safe it for the next post. I’m hoping to sew more and able to sell them.

Happy crafting!