Cosmetic Bag With Frame


Hello there! Happy Weekend! For those in the West, Happy Halloween!

I love Pinterest, there are just so much beautiful stuff that people pin and share. I found this cosmetic frame bag tutorial through it and I just have to try making it myself.

The author actually using a 20x4cm bag frame that I don’t have, so I figure out the size of the cloths that I need to cut myself base upon the size that she shared.

The frame size that I’m using is 15x6cm, I figure the height of the side should be 3 times of the side of my frame, which is 6cmx3. And I need to add in some allowance for the sewing part. So the size of my cloths is actually 30x20cm with sewing allowance.

Initially I wanted to use the more elaborate designed side as the front, but after finished sewing up the bag and wanted to put t a”handmade’ tag, I find that having a simpler canvas as the front is better for the tag, so I ended up using the simple air-plane design as the front.


Well, now that I have another new bag and satisfied with the sewing and knowing more on the exact steps in making this bag, there could be more coming up.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you all are having fun creating!

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