Sewing crazily

Yupe, that’s what happened, I’ve been sewing and sewing recently, have made 3 zipper card pouches which one of them is with oil cloth, one snappy mani pouch, one oil cloth dumpling pouch and one improved (so call) dumpling pouch. Only those in oil cloth are by request by a dear friend, and good to hear that she loves it!

Have given away a card slot to someone who has lots of cards in her wallet till she can’t snap it close! She’s enjoying her pension time now and today probably out with friends yum cha somewhere.

Below are the pouches that I’ve made in random order:

Zipper card pouch, pattern is available over at Craft Passion

card pouch

card pouch2

Snappy mani pouch, pattern available over at Noodle Head snappymani snappymani2 snappymani3 snappymani4snappymani5

Oil cloth Zipper card pouch and dumpling pouch. You can find the pattern for dumpling pouch easily online. One is here at Michelle Patterns


Another dumpling pouch. This time I’ve used a canvas cloth and sew up the end of the zipper so when it is fully opened up, things won’t fall out. Love this pattern.dumpling1dumpling2

Well, I’m sure you at least can find one of the above interesting and wanted to sew it for yourself, so… ,happy sewing!!

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