Simple sling bag

Hi hi, I’m going to share a sling bag that is requested by my colleague. Which is in the same pattern with the clutch that I’ve made before, except this time it is with a sling that she can put on her shoulder. I love this bag ‘cos it can fit in a small bottle, handphone (size of a Samsung Note III), keys, pack of tissue and maybe some other small stuff like lipstick. I guess it is a go to bag whenever she wanted to get out of the house for a short trip and even for the evening function.


I’ve made it with the Party Line again.

Here goes:


sling bag sling bag1sling bag2 sling bag3

The colors look a bit brighter in the photos. The color scheme is more like the last photo, but it all depends on the screen resolution.


Well, I still have several under request bags to make, gonna need those umph to carry on making them.. things have been going slow these days..

Your “like” and comments probably would do the tricks!

Thanking you in advance.

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