New books and Snapshots LO

Yay! I’ve just got my books by Ali Edwards and “We dare you” ordered through Which is a day earlier per estimation from Amazon. I’m so happy and just can’t wait to read them page by page.
I know some of you might have read these two books several times already. Well, I AM really living in a far away land of the U.S, you know?
A few flip of the books and buoy, I love the those LO in the two books. It is now even better for myself is that I don’t need to rely on the Internet to view other’s LO, and I’ve got these two that will show me just enough pages to be inspired.

This round, I wanted to share about the LO that I just did last night on my 2nd DS. It is in mosaic styles combined with pattern patter. I just had too many of those not so perfect photos that I don’t want to just keep it away in the old slip in album. But they are too many to be included in a page which doesn’t leave me any space to journal or simply be more creative. So I’ve spread them out into 2 pages and interval with PP and tags.

I must say the pages doesn’t seems to be well coordinated both for the color and pattern, anyway, I’ve had fun doing it 😀
In face, my parents were wondering if I’ll be working today ‘cos I stay up late to finished these two LO. (Hehe.. sorry mom and dad for getting you all worried. )

I wanted to show how I used the swirl palette to make the pattern on the 1st page on the bottom right. Just a way to record down the process. Many scrapbookers would know how to do these simple steps:

1. Position the swirl template to where you want it to be.

2. Then use a hard brush dotted with ink
and simply start dotting it over the pattern,
make sure your hands are sturdy and don’t move the template.

3. Carefully remove the template.
In my case, I simple remove it cos I didn’t use a lot of ink on it.

4. Finally then only put the brad on,
to make up the “o” of “snapshots”.

I’ve actually used many different types of brads on this LO. I just love those little footprints, dragon fly, stars, heart shape and mini round brads.

PP and ribbons: American craft, HOTP; Cardstock: SEI; Brads: HOTP, MM; Letter stickers and tags: Basic Grey.

Blue tone LO

Yay! After I’ve got my journal printed and adhere to one of my wedding pages. I went searching for photos to scrap and found two that I thought I can do last night. After letting my creative self just flow with the feel of the photos and whatever PP that I have. I managed to finished one LO for my 2nd DS’s haven’t yet prepared album (‘cos I don’t have any new album yet, so it will go into one of my big album with every other LO.)

I dig out all my HOTP’s (PaperWishes) PP in “Denim” and “Bright Tints Blue Gingham”. Ribbons and baby brads in blue also bought from HOTP.

I’ve used one of the scallop edge paper that I bought from Scrap-n-crop, thought to myself, if I don’t use it, I’ll never know when to use it and it might just sits in my paper box forever. Just a way to tell myself not to be stingy in using scrapping papers.

So, here, a LO in blue tone with hand journal.

Oh ya.. I’ve finally came to use the velum quote that I’ve bought from SoCalScrap. It says: Every good and perfect gift comes from above – John 1:17).

To make the letter E more coordinated with the page, I’ve used blue gel pen to colour the back of the E and smudge it out. Then secure it with glue and brads saying “It’s a boy”, plus those mini blue star brads.

To save some PP which probably I can use later for mating, I’ve actually cut a square hole on those part that is hidden by the scallop paper.

Vertical ribbons are the final touch which is secure using star brads and adhere behind the PP. The top photo is actually not mated on to the dark blue PP. I’ve actually made a border with the dark blue PP leaving some space to show off the white area.

When I look at these photos, they made me realise just how time flies. He was just a little baby then and now, he is running and trying to talk like an adult. I miss those time when he is still little, when he is just learning to turn, to walk, to talk and so cuddly.

No photo can be uploaded again

I’m so sad.. I’ve done some pages and yet I can’t show them here. My phone is not cooperating with me again. I’ve actually done a two page layout of Cal having his first flight to Sri Lanka years ago. I was even more worried than him. Afraid that he’ll cry all along the journey, disturbing other passengers on board, run away from my sight.. etc.. just like a normal mom would worried over their kids on a long distance journey, if you know what I mean.
However, despite all these worries that I had in mind, we went through the flight in a bliss.. well.. not totally a bliss, but at least he didn’t cry, at least he didn’t complaint about air pressure in his ear, at least we made it through and landed in Sri Lanka safely. oh.. you might be asking why Sri Lanka. Well.. simply because hubby used to work there before and we went over to visit him.

As for last night, I’ve started scrap lift a layout from scrapbook.etc on paper piercing, will use this for the Itty Bitty Scrap Shack challenge for “Love of my life”. I wanted so much to show them here, a preview maybe.. just too bad.. I hope the crazy phone is back to normal working mode again for me to upload my photo. I really need a new digicam.

Good news is, by Friday, I’ll have the digicam with me again… yay!!

Raya mood

My boys also got affected by the Raya mood. They go “asalamalaikummmm” all around the house last night with their “end-of-pants-songkok” (I call it this way ‘cos it is really made from the end of pants cut from jeans).

I’ve done it again

Yay!! I’ve done another scrapbook page last nite. On top of that, I’ve added the word SWEET on my previous page. That is after much tracing and cutting and gluing.. I hope the glue really stick the photos and wording there ‘cos it seems that it is not that strong.. or is it suppose to be like this? Someone please tell me. (I’m using a flu pen which turn blu when wet and clear off when dry, but it seems that it dry off very quickly.)

Here.. below are the pages that I’ve done last nite, still no journalling yet.. 😦

Finally …

Yes, finally I’ve started my real scrapbooking with the right kind of materials, but I’m already in a dilemma on whether I should put photo A here or there.. and if I should cut my card-stock, whether I should use the ribbon like this or that..

I guess you’ll be asking where did I get my srapbooking materials. Found it in a craft shop in Wisma Merdeka, on 2nd floor of the ‘new’ phase. But they don’t sell the album 😦

Before putting myself down in doing scrapbooking, I need to make sure that the boys are not disturbing, meaning they are either sleeping or not in the house with me. So last night wasn’t a good start, ‘cos I was too eager to start doing scrapbooking and I didn’t wait till they were sleeping, so these two brothers with their ever curious-selves were there demanding to look at this and that, touch this and that.. buoy.. I ended up shouting at them, so bad huh.. then finally they went to bed after much westling over the potty, the milk and their mommy.

So now I’ve two layout to decide on, which do you prefer? I will put more things on the page, like ribbons, cut out wordings..etc.
So, people, which do you prefer? or you’ve better idea, please let me know. Thanks a bunch.

Telephone conversation

“Is Cal sleeping? No? Get him over to the phone please..”

The babysitter goes…”CAL… here.. ur mommy on the line..”

“Mommieeeee…., you get me chocolate and lolipop ya…”
“Huh? You always ask for that.. but mommy is not outstation.”
“Ya.. but mommy get me the rolipop when you go on the plane ya…”
“But mommy is NOT going on a plane.. What are you doing over there? Did you sleep?”
“Yupe. oledi sui jiao (sleep in mandarin).”
“What’s is DiDi (little Mer) doing over there?”
“He is putting his head on the bed.”
“Huh? Is he is sleeping?
“No.. his eyes are open and he just put his head on the bed.”
“Were you kwai (good-boy) today?
“Alright, bye-bye..”

This is just to fufilled my promise to Cal that I’m going to call him at 4 just now.. he even said that he wants me to call him in school too. Well, if I’ve promised him and yet I didn’t call him, he’ll nag me about it later tonite and even remember it days later.

The photo below was taken last year in China.. they were just playing with the phone there.. but not for long, else will need to get a new phone.

And just few days ago, I let him call his grandpa all by himself and after that he remember the number, probably his grandpa is his bestfriend.. *sigh* (instead of me..)

A day in the farm and river

I know.. they are posing for the camera..
“The big guy” – Cal, asked for the trip to the farm the other day and wanted to go to the nearby river, that of course include stepping into the river instead of just watching it. As for the “little guy” – Mer, anything the brother did, he’ll just follow and even more creative.
With my own strenght, I don’t think I can carry them down or lead them down to the farm below the hill from where we stay, so I got big sis to help out carrying the little one down and I lead Cal down there. Mom was in the farm as usual working on some scrub.
Before going there, I need to get a towel ready to chase away any mosquito and also just in case they wet themselves in the river, at least I’ve got a towel to dry them off.
They enjoyed it pretty much, but one thing I don’t understand is why little Mer likes to thraw stones pick from the river banks… he just pick them up and thraw..
The 2nd time we went there on last Saturday, Mer did the same again, thrawing stones.. This time, I got them in swim suits cos the water is much cooler cos it rains the day before, plus I wanna try how they look in their swim suit.. too bad, didn’t bring the camera with me… still .. they had enjoyed it and surely wanna do that again.

Having fun with drawing

Yupe, the boys like to draw on anything including their faces, this is one of the evidence in photo. Taken in November last year in Shen Zhen when we went over to visit my hubby.

Kids.. they only know that drawing is fun and they don’t care where is the drawing board. The fun part is the drawing itself but the hard part was getting it off their faces, well, at least they have enjoyed it 🙂