No photo can be uploaded again

I’m so sad.. I’ve done some pages and yet I can’t show them here. My phone is not cooperating with me again. I’ve actually done a two page layout of Cal having his first flight to Sri Lanka years ago. I was even more worried than him. Afraid that he’ll cry all along the journey, disturbing other passengers on board, run away from my sight.. etc.. just like a normal mom would worried over their kids on a long distance journey, if you know what I mean.
However, despite all these worries that I had in mind, we went through the flight in a bliss.. well.. not totally a bliss, but at least he didn’t cry, at least he didn’t complaint about air pressure in his ear, at least we made it through and landed in Sri Lanka safely. oh.. you might be asking why Sri Lanka. Well.. simply because hubby used to work there before and we went over to visit him.

As for last night, I’ve started scrap lift a layout from scrapbook.etc on paper piercing, will use this for the Itty Bitty Scrap Shack challenge for “Love of my life”. I wanted so much to show them here, a preview maybe.. just too bad.. I hope the crazy phone is back to normal working mode again for me to upload my photo. I really need a new digicam.

Good news is, by Friday, I’ll have the digicam with me again… yay!!

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