I’ve done it again

Yay!! I’ve done another scrapbook page last nite. On top of that, I’ve added the word SWEET on my previous page. That is after much tracing and cutting and gluing.. I hope the glue really stick the photos and wording there ‘cos it seems that it is not that strong.. or is it suppose to be like this? Someone please tell me. (I’m using a flu pen which turn blu when wet and clear off when dry, but it seems that it dry off very quickly.)

Here.. below are the pages that I’ve done last nite, still no journalling yet.. 😦

5 thoughts on “I’ve done it again

  1. Just call me Aunty J says:

    BTW, FM, you know in Centre Point cant remember which floor there’s a shop called “Something different”. If not mistaken they sell those tiny flowers etc etc that u can use for your scrap book. You can also get those cute tiny stuff from the decoration shop in CP…now I forgot wats it called…where thy sell lots of candles etc..I think same floor as “something different”


  2. hannie says:

    Aunty J: ya.. found those cute little flowers, they even cut cut out heart shape, leaves, stars.Deana E: refer to me? Sure!! Would really love to give ideas and help. I’ve just received my first scrapbook kit all the way from US today, so happy…


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