Finally …

Yes, finally I’ve started my real scrapbooking with the right kind of materials, but I’m already in a dilemma on whether I should put photo A here or there.. and if I should cut my card-stock, whether I should use the ribbon like this or that..

I guess you’ll be asking where did I get my srapbooking materials. Found it in a craft shop in Wisma Merdeka, on 2nd floor of the ‘new’ phase. But they don’t sell the album 😦

Before putting myself down in doing scrapbooking, I need to make sure that the boys are not disturbing, meaning they are either sleeping or not in the house with me. So last night wasn’t a good start, ‘cos I was too eager to start doing scrapbooking and I didn’t wait till they were sleeping, so these two brothers with their ever curious-selves were there demanding to look at this and that, touch this and that.. buoy.. I ended up shouting at them, so bad huh.. then finally they went to bed after much westling over the potty, the milk and their mommy.

So now I’ve two layout to decide on, which do you prefer? I will put more things on the page, like ribbons, cut out wordings..etc.
So, people, which do you prefer? or you’ve better idea, please let me know. Thanks a bunch.

3 thoughts on “Finally …

  1. hannie says:

    yay!! thanks aunty j, that is my first design.. well.. actually not much of a design la.. it seems very plain.. will put more things on it tonite if I’ve got the chance..finger cross that the boys will sleep early πŸ˜€


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