Telephone conversation

“Is Cal sleeping? No? Get him over to the phone please..”

The babysitter goes…”CAL… here.. ur mommy on the line..”

“Mommieeeee…., you get me chocolate and lolipop ya…”
“Huh? You always ask for that.. but mommy is not outstation.”
“Ya.. but mommy get me the rolipop when you go on the plane ya…”
“But mommy is NOT going on a plane.. What are you doing over there? Did you sleep?”
“Yupe. oledi sui jiao (sleep in mandarin).”
“What’s is DiDi (little Mer) doing over there?”
“He is putting his head on the bed.”
“Huh? Is he is sleeping?
“No.. his eyes are open and he just put his head on the bed.”
“Were you kwai (good-boy) today?
“Alright, bye-bye..”

This is just to fufilled my promise to Cal that I’m going to call him at 4 just now.. he even said that he wants me to call him in school too. Well, if I’ve promised him and yet I didn’t call him, he’ll nag me about it later tonite and even remember it days later.

The photo below was taken last year in China.. they were just playing with the phone there.. but not for long, else will need to get a new phone.

And just few days ago, I let him call his grandpa all by himself and after that he remember the number, probably his grandpa is his bestfriend.. *sigh* (instead of me..)

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