Some sites

I stumble upon this site Caardvarks from another blogger, it has so many beautiful cards there and now they are doing a challenge with adorable prize. I’ve straight subscribed to it using my Google reader. It has 364 followers now!

Sometimes I wonder how great this blogsphere is in connecting people all around the world. I’ve been subscribing to Elizabeth Kartchner’s blog and her site can come up with more than 300 comments! Liz’s site is one that if filled with fun colors and ideas, plus beautiful photos. I just love to read her post. Her layouts are all so fun to look at.

Another site that is always filled with readers is Ali Edward’s blog. Ali’s site is more of an organized person, it is neat and focus more on journal for her layout. It just remind me that layout can be real simple and yet full with meaning.

Another site that I follow is Pamela world of scrap where she shares her layout and her sketches. Even though that she needs to take care of a little baby now, she still finds time to do scrapbook. I suppose it is the same to all scrappers as we will definitely find time for what we love to do.

To me, scrapbook brings me back to sanity after a day filled with challenges with my boys. It is where I can assured them that mommy still loves them no matter what, and I wanted to keep all those sweet memories for them to read and fill in later days. I wanted also to scrap about those hard time that I’ve been having with them. They are my happiness and my frustration *LOL*.

If you are looking for color challenges or inspiration, head over to Kristina’s blog, she host a color challenge every week and you’ll be surprise that you can actually built beautiful cards with those colors. It is a matter of deciding which color is primary or more than others. She made nice bow too.

Of course there are still many great sites around, I’ve yet to discover them. 😉

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