To Saigon

Vietname Pho with lots of herbs and bean sprout

I just came from a trip last night, my first ever visit to Ho Chi Minh city, or some people call it Saigon. Still have that Vietnam coffee after taste, and that bruises on my hand (will talk about this later).

Seen both the struggling street with night market (which seems to have more tourist than locals) and the modern shopping mall with branded goods, working class in suits and heels. Locals that don’t speak English at all and tour guide who are well verse in English. Seen also rude customer who doesn’t give the effort to communicate with non-English speaking workers and demanded to know when they can have their pedi-mani session, which at the end being turned away, most probably the chose not to serve them (ha! serve you right!). Seen also spa center that asked for tips which made the whole thing way more expensive than it looks and tourist area or pit-stop that sang you traditional songs and ready a basket for tips.

Seen locals who speak in simple foreign languages to serve their foreign customers, including Malay Language, English and Chinese. To me they are really friendly, sometimes over friendly that they’ll hold your hand just so you don’t walk away after asking how much is their stuff cost. Next sentence follow will be “How much you buy? How much how much?” (in a very strong Vietnamese accent). Next thing is you started to bargain with them. Something from 250,000 dong can turn out to be 150,000 dong! Depends on where you are and what things you are bargaining at.

You’ll find lots and lots of hand craft things, including from wood, fabric, bags, shoes, key-chain, magnet, fresh flowers in baskets.

We stay near to Ben Thanh Market. So, every night around 6:30pm, bikers going pass with their stalls, yes, the canvas with steels and wheels! They’ll be holding on their bike in one hand and another hand on the canvas, even the whole wardrobe! In minutes, they’ll be able to set up their stalls, within half an hour, all their stuff will be hung nicely and ready for business.

Wifi is available every where, with closed access. So if you are in a restaurant, you can easily get the password from the waiter or look out for it at their menu. So, grab yourself a cuppa, have a seat and you’ll be able to surf the net again without having to get a local data card. No worry about getting lost, people are very helpful just as long as they know where do you mean you want to go.

You can see Starbucks and Coffee Bean here and there, even Baskin Robins. Though local coffee is the cheapest and original, ha!

Another thing, if you want to get across the road, don’t worry too much on the motorcylist, as long as you keep on your pace and cross the road on a green light, even when it is red. ‘cos in coming traffic can turn right on a red light. Do watch out for cars though, it is harder for them to avoid you. Face mask is available vastly in the stores everywhere. And you’ll see Grab service using motorcycle. You can tell by their helmet. Give it a try if you are adventurous, but you’ll need proper dataline to do that.

However, there are some motocyclist who prefer to ride on the pavement, so do be carefull even when you are using the walkway. I got bump into by a motor while walking on the pavement, and got a blue-black on my hand. Anyway, nothing major..except leaving a hole on my blouse’ sleeve.

If you love high places, a view from the top or to step on to an iconic building, try Sai Gon Skydeck.

View from Skydeck

Like to dine on a cruise ship, try that in Khanh Hoi Nha Rong Port.

Want to know how a president live, visit Independence Palace.

Want to know about the before and after the war in Vietnam, visit the War memorial museum.

Want to go inside an old cathedral, visit Notre Dame Cathedral Of Saigon.

Or if you like.. visit the temple ..

Chinese Temple

Try the boat ride in Mekong river if you dare..

Boat ride in Mekong Delta

There are just too many photos to share, I’ll just post a few here as I’ve already shared most in my Insta account.

Overall.. it has been a fun trip.


I did another mini album over the Raya holidays. I’m utilizing my Zutter bind-it-all, Marvy scallop oval puncher, We Are Memory Keeper’s corner chomper, Maya Road journal stamp, red embossing powder and a bit of creativity. I’m loving my Zutter and corner rounder.

These photos were taken way back in 2004 during a short trip to visit a local library there attending a forum/conference concerning local history. What it was, wasn’t that important and memorable to me (:D), leisure is more fun, and I get to meet up with some distance relatives over there.
Here are a few inner pages.

Yes, I get to visit the birthplace of our ex-PM (Rumah Kelahiran Mahathir Mohamad), the Menara Alor Star and the place where the famous dodol is being sold.

View from my window

A friend has been asking me about posting photos that I’ve taken during my last trip to China, especially the look from my window. So here goes..
It was taken at end of last year during sun set.
The building on the right, which is an apartment with shoplot downstairs, only took a year to complete and people already moved in to do business and living there! Compare to those that we have here.. well.. it seems to take ages to complete.
As seen on the photos, the air quality is not that good. It is not foggy, it is just haze.. meaning air pollution. Further down to the front is where Hong Kong suppose to be but can’t see the island from these photos.
The place is actually very dusty so sometimes I still need to mop the floor even after the cleaning lady had already done so. Normally I would keep the windows closed, one is to keep away the dust and another is to keep my children from falling out of it.
Well.. being there is not easy as I have to keep watch them all the time. What more in a foreign country with 1 child policy. When we walk on the street, people will start staring at us especially when seeing me with two kids, some more they are boys. As we all know some Chinese prefer to have boys instead of girls, sad but still true.

No photo can be uploaded again

I’m so sad.. I’ve done some pages and yet I can’t show them here. My phone is not cooperating with me again. I’ve actually done a two page layout of Cal having his first flight to Sri Lanka years ago. I was even more worried than him. Afraid that he’ll cry all along the journey, disturbing other passengers on board, run away from my sight.. etc.. just like a normal mom would worried over their kids on a long distance journey, if you know what I mean.
However, despite all these worries that I had in mind, we went through the flight in a bliss.. well.. not totally a bliss, but at least he didn’t cry, at least he didn’t complaint about air pressure in his ear, at least we made it through and landed in Sri Lanka safely. oh.. you might be asking why Sri Lanka. Well.. simply because hubby used to work there before and we went over to visit him.

As for last night, I’ve started scrap lift a layout from scrapbook.etc on paper piercing, will use this for the Itty Bitty Scrap Shack challenge for “Love of my life”. I wanted so much to show them here, a preview maybe.. just too bad.. I hope the crazy phone is back to normal working mode again for me to upload my photo. I really need a new digicam.

Good news is, by Friday, I’ll have the digicam with me again… yay!!

scrapbook page

I’ve recently started doing my scrapbooking pages about my Europe trip during my first year of study in UK. Ya.. it has been more than 10 years ago, now then when I look back into my magnetic album and found those photos badly treated, I straight away started my project with the papers that are available through the personal shopper kit that I’m subscribing to.

I didn’t put dates and names to the photos, thus it was a drag for me to find out the right dates that I’ve been traveling and also the right names for the right places. It is also through this that I found out more than what I know before on certain places. It even occured to me that I’ve been to Brussels in Belgium without realising it.. goodness! I also learn more by doing some search in the net about those places that I’ve been to. Fortunately I’ve been sending postcard to my sister during that trip, they help me to track down the time and the tour sequence.
Below are two pages that I’ve done yesterday right after work.

I didn’t use much embelishment on these pages and the red checks brads seems bulgy to me. I hope they won’t dent the other photo pages.

I’ve also hide a photo inside the wine label on my 2nd page. Basically that photo doesn’t have much to show, only the wine stand in the factory, thus I prefer to hide it away. The jornalling is something that I felt at that time, which I prefer not to be viewed by all.

I’ve also posted these up in
I’ve another great news for myself, a friend is back from the US, bringing all my stuff that I’ve ordered online and got sent to him, he got me extra things too, just can’t wait to see them. Another great news is, my order from Brunei also got respond and am getting them next week, yay!! So many good news.