Rottan or not?

I subscribe to baby center ever since my 1st pregnancy, until now I still get their newsletter updated and reminded me on how old my kids are, how they would behave and how I can discipline them. It helps especially on my first child as I don’t know what to expect as a preggy and a soon mother-to-be, so it is nice to get their insights of things about my pregnancy and what help I would be needed.
Now since my kids are no longer fetus inside me and babies, I get news about their growing up years and I got this recently about my 29th months old: “Children this age love projects, but their interests run more toward creating than cleaning up. Try one of these tricks: If he’s done with a puzzle, help him break the pieces up as part of the game. Or if he’s in training to be the next Monet, show him that putting his crayons back in the art box is part of being an artist. And don’t forget to praise his efforts at being tidy — a little positive reinforcement goes a long way.”
A good tips huh.. come to think of it, I didn’t try that out.. but instead I use “rattan” to threaten them and I got result fast, it is always useful and effective especially if I’m in a hurry or no mood to “play along” with them. But then I’m not sure if I’ve put a negative influence on them, like telling them spanking is right when you want people to listen to you, or in their case, it might be hitting is right when you want to get result.
I suppose I do really need to think twice before getting out my “rattan” next time… ya.. i know it is hard not to use the easy way..

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