caught in the act

“Mommy…! Is that you? What are you doing? Are you doing your “page”?”
Calvin asked when he heard noise and maybe saw the light shine through from the room next door when he is suppose to be sleeping last nite. Ya.. he caught me doing that, ‘cos I told him I’ll be back to watch over him and will be in bed pretty soon together with him, just so that he went to sleep feeling mommy is around. But somehow this little boy of mine isn’t falling asleep yet at 10 ish.. ya.. he hasn’t sleep yet.. and he needs to go to school the next day and I was thinking that I can start my scrapbooking already.
Oh well.. I guess I’ll have to stay there in the room with him till he is asleep.
Yupe.. I always do that, wait till the boys are sleeping then start my scrapbooking thing in the kitchen table. Sometimes during the weekend, I just can’t wait anymore and I got all my things out, hoping that they are busy playing. But they always ended up in the kitchen table or the outside table beside me, poking this and that, going through my stuff in the box, asking about this and that, got excited in seeing themselves in my album and Calvin being demanding that I do those photos with him inside.
So last nite I thought to myself, I hope Calvin will be just like mommy who like scrapbooking, who loves arts and be creative in his life.

3 thoughts on “caught in the act

  1. hannie says:

    hailor.. and they need the early sleep too.. else moody in the morning when time to get to peridot.. you work till 2am! I though I was already late at 12:30, but I better keep it that way, else will always have my panda eyes with me.


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