Scrapping again

Yay! I’ve started using my Creative Memories album with all the black refill pages that I’ve bought from Sandra, plus the free gift that I got from her (pack of pattern papers with mating papers) It is actually a bliss if I don’t need to think about embellishment which CM doesn’t encourage as they will bulge the page and also tend the photos. But.. hehe.. I still use them.. OK, a bit only la.. oh well.. I used la.. like silk flowers, brads and ribbons. I just can’t do without them in my page, they seems so plain and empty to me, so I gotta get ready my eyelet setter, hole puncher, zots and craft knife.

Initially I was regretting in getting all black pages instead of the normal or white pages.. but it turns out that I just love them.. black let my photos pop out even more.. just as long as my photos are not too dark, even if that is it, I can always use some colourful pattern paper or matting paper behind. I also start cutting out holes right behind the photos mating area to save some papers for pattern that I might just be doing later on.

I wish I can show u some photos here.. well.. unfortunately I don’t have my digital camera now.. :((

I’m so happy that I’m able to start transferring my Australian trip photos from magnetic album to CM’s album, and yet this sister of mine still questioning on why I should do that even though I’ve answered her questions several times, and yet she’s still pity over those magnetic album. OK, you can keep them if you want, but don’t say I didn’t warn you what sort of damaging effect they’ll do to your photos.

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