Around here

Have been following Ali Edwards and have been in love on the way she’s telling her story and setting conscious reminder of life, being positive and being awesome. Today I wanted to record things that is happening now.

This week is school holidays for the boys. It has been learning, fun, movie, video, games and outing around here.

I didn’t manage to enroll them into any class or camp for the holiday. So I did the most that I can do, bringing them for events and activities that are available at hand, such as the Petrosains playsmart centre which offer basket weaving and batik painting over the weekend.

We had fun!


batik batik2


Around here, I let them have their share on the Notebook and TV. I let them watch their own favorite shows, play their own favorite games which is most probably – Minecraft and Lego.



Around here we argue over time-out. I stop them just in time for meals and I off the lights and demanded them to be in bed for the next day.

Around here, I wanted them to learn how to share, compromise, be patient and simply be a kid.

As for me, I’ve been searching and surfing, plus trying out new patterns and better sewing methods for my bag, pouches, or simply open to anything.

Found some great websites on sewing and stumble upon website on jewelry too, ha!

As for scrapbook, I’m anticipating the arrival of my first stamp sets from Ali… wu hooo!!! :))

Happy Birthday my boy

birthday cake

Yes, today you turn 11. We have celebrated your birthday earlier on Sunday with cake and candles, and of course with a birthday song. Your birthday celebration started on Friday when we went to watch The guardians of the galaxy and getting your toy from Toys”R”us with a birthday voucher. Yes, indeed you have turned 11 today.

May there be many many wonderful years ahead and may you be happy always.

me and calvin




Now what?

Now that it is over, we’ll need to wait for another 4 years for this game, next will be the biggest country hosting the game. A game that everyone in the world is watching.

What do I think?

Well.. I’m not a fan of football but this year seems a bit different though I still didn’t watch a single game of it. But this year I’ve been influenced by my son who don’t know since when and from where that started to know about football and pay attention on the game.

I remember we were over in Hong Kong when the first game was on. He was excitedly telling us that he wanted to watch the game and wanted to get up at 3am in the morning with his alarm clocked set.

Unfortunately he forgot to put the alarm on and he has missed the game. Anyhow, hePlus, we have a FIFAbulous Sunday at church where everyone is encouraged to wear football jersey on that Sunday. And I’m not sure if that is coincident or what, my son got a German jersey, the exact look that they were wearing in their final game. So yah.. he is pretty much excited about his team winning the world cup.

He was even commenting on the players whom I’ve no clue about.

Anyway, now that it is over, I’m not sure if he’ll still ask to be trained in football.

So now what?  Just wait and see. .


I’ve found several photos showing my boys reading. Yup! They loves to read, they love it especially if Mommy is reading to them. They’ll request more after one book before bed. They go into a book shop and demanded to buy books, once they were there, they’ll drag my hand over to those shelves that displaying their favourite books, in most cases, “Thomas & Friends”. So I’m going to do scrapbook pages about this and I wanted to include a pictures of books somewhere in the page. So I snap a few last night then decided to just use one and I had it developed to small size (3.5″ x 2.5″). They call it 2up of 3R over here. It turns out very cute indeed.

Let’s see how I can do that page tonight. A page about reading and maybe another page about their love for Thomas & Friends.

Oh.. another one is for their love of Donut, especially little Mer.

Yesterday after getting him from babysitter, the first thing he said was:

Mommy.. the rain has stop
Me: Ya…? (suspecting something is in his mind)
Mer: Go to City Mall, buy donut (with a big grin)

Infact it was even raining, just because my reason last time for not going is it was raining. So he does love donut huh!?
So we did stoped by City Mall and he ate two without finishing them la.. he just make sure that he ate all the stuffing of blueberry in the middle.
I started to collect more evidence about donut right after the box is empty. How? By cutting out the label on the box! Yay!

Blue tone LO

Yay! After I’ve got my journal printed and adhere to one of my wedding pages. I went searching for photos to scrap and found two that I thought I can do last night. After letting my creative self just flow with the feel of the photos and whatever PP that I have. I managed to finished one LO for my 2nd DS’s haven’t yet prepared album (‘cos I don’t have any new album yet, so it will go into one of my big album with every other LO.)

I dig out all my HOTP’s (PaperWishes) PP in “Denim” and “Bright Tints Blue Gingham”. Ribbons and baby brads in blue also bought from HOTP.

I’ve used one of the scallop edge paper that I bought from Scrap-n-crop, thought to myself, if I don’t use it, I’ll never know when to use it and it might just sits in my paper box forever. Just a way to tell myself not to be stingy in using scrapping papers.

So, here, a LO in blue tone with hand journal.

Oh ya.. I’ve finally came to use the velum quote that I’ve bought from SoCalScrap. It says: Every good and perfect gift comes from above – John 1:17).

To make the letter E more coordinated with the page, I’ve used blue gel pen to colour the back of the E and smudge it out. Then secure it with glue and brads saying “It’s a boy”, plus those mini blue star brads.

To save some PP which probably I can use later for mating, I’ve actually cut a square hole on those part that is hidden by the scallop paper.

Vertical ribbons are the final touch which is secure using star brads and adhere behind the PP. The top photo is actually not mated on to the dark blue PP. I’ve actually made a border with the dark blue PP leaving some space to show off the white area.

When I look at these photos, they made me realise just how time flies. He was just a little baby then and now, he is running and trying to talk like an adult. I miss those time when he is still little, when he is just learning to turn, to walk, to talk and so cuddly.

Rottan or not?

I subscribe to baby center ever since my 1st pregnancy, until now I still get their newsletter updated and reminded me on how old my kids are, how they would behave and how I can discipline them. It helps especially on my first child as I don’t know what to expect as a preggy and a soon mother-to-be, so it is nice to get their insights of things about my pregnancy and what help I would be needed.
Now since my kids are no longer fetus inside me and babies, I get news about their growing up years and I got this recently about my 29th months old: “Children this age love projects, but their interests run more toward creating than cleaning up. Try one of these tricks: If he’s done with a puzzle, help him break the pieces up as part of the game. Or if he’s in training to be the next Monet, show him that putting his crayons back in the art box is part of being an artist. And don’t forget to praise his efforts at being tidy — a little positive reinforcement goes a long way.”
A good tips huh.. come to think of it, I didn’t try that out.. but instead I use “rattan” to threaten them and I got result fast, it is always useful and effective especially if I’m in a hurry or no mood to “play along” with them. But then I’m not sure if I’ve put a negative influence on them, like telling them spanking is right when you want people to listen to you, or in their case, it might be hitting is right when you want to get result.
I suppose I do really need to think twice before getting out my “rattan” next time… ya.. i know it is hard not to use the easy way..