Scan scan scan

That’s the thing now, scan to check-in to work, restaurant, supermarket, mall etc. Then need to check-out once we are out from that premises. Many a times, I forgot, so in the record, I was staying overnight in a strange place like the mall or even my office.

There are also places that have faulty thermometer scanner that scared the hell out of me. Can you imagine someone with 38.4 degree Celsius walking around? My brain would have been toast!

Anyhow, that’s the new normal now. It would feel strange walking around in open space without mask on. It is consider a luxury that we can be in places that doesn’t require mask, but the risk are there. So whenever we go to the gym, we are given a tiny cloths with sanitising spray so we can be our own janitor and make sure to sanitised those equipment that we are going to use and after we’ve used them. Number of people definitely come down to half the capacity.

In terms of number of user, it is not a bad idea, considering that I would prefer less people around me while I do my exercises and I don’t need to wait for my turn till the other person finish using the equipment. However, it is such a relieve that we can go back in using the shower and locker now, rather than having to sock in sweat till we get home for our own shower.

That’s it, scan to check-in and later remember to check-out.

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