Two jobs

How is it that being young could be being energetic? Could it be possible that youth would not need 8 hours of sleep? Could it be being the one person that you like to spend time with would give you energy?

Would that energy become your force of life? Can I not use logic, my little knowledge of science to explain this? I can’t comprehend what’s happening here.

Things that I remember vividly was how small he was, and how he would share with me stuffs that he loves like cars: race cars, branded sports cars, energy drink, bodybuilding, jokes in tiktok, friends, music, and just about anything!

Now is that he’s working. Not one job but two. One that is obviously not in his favour and another one that he keeps just so he will have enough money.

Sometimes these situation make me starts to be sceptical about my decision, about my being his mother, about what I’ve thought what is right.

All I hope is simple. That he’s healthy, happy and living his life in gratefulness.

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