3 compartments zipper pouch

My version of a 3 compartment zipper pouch

How this zipper pouch came by? Well.. I found a cute 3 compartments purse bag through Pinterest. And it leads me to THIS POST – DIY 3 compartments purse bag by Sewing Time. I just had to try it. But I would prefer to have a zipper on it as I’ve this phobia of my phone falling out from pouches (which didn’t really happened).

Before this, I’ve made a zipper pouch with flap from Craftsy through The Harris Tote & Clutch Wallet by Diane Spencer Ogg. Diane called it Clutch Wallet by the way. Through that tutorial of her clutch wallet, I get to learn about doing the flap which I normally won’t do.

Another tutorial which has a similar way in sewing the flap is by Karina Uzeda. She loves to use binding to finish off most of her bags. Since I prefer not to use binding, so I’ve skipped that part. Karina has lots of free tutorial in her blog.

Both Diane and Karina has insta and YouTube channel, you can easily search for them.

So, here are some more close up of the zipper pouch I’ve made.

Since I didn’t use a thick lining fabric, I’ve enhanced the snap area with some fusible interlining. Which I would recommend to fuse think lining with a thin layer of interlining actually..

Here you can see where the card slot is.

Well.. that’s it. Just wanted to share this and hopefully inspire you do DIY your own pouches from the tutorials that I’ve shared here.

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