Long zipper pouch

Been wanting to do this ever since I saw the YouTube tutorial.. but just couldn’t get the result I wanted as I knew there are pouches out there that is sturdy and neatly put together. Thus for the past two days, I’ve enrolled myself to a one-to-one class of sewing just to learn how to sew up this…


This was taken on the first day right after the class. Having to be there from 10:30 till 4 plus except lunch hour, I managed to sewed up the cover of the zipper pouch.

Sew Lovely DIY shop’s owner recommended that fabric which I bought from her shop earlier on. Indeed I love how it turns out.

This pouch uses a thick fusible interfacing that is sturdy and need to shape up with putting something inside overnight. What we did was to put some thick folded-up fabric inside.

To match the outer fabric, I’ve chosen a brown fabric for the lining. It came with cute little houses.

longzipperpouch02 longzipperpouch03 longzipperpouch04 longzipperpouch05

There are more than 3 types of fusible interfacing being used on this zipper pouch. The last part is the most dreadful process for me, as I need to hand-sew the otter layer and the inner layer together.

Shop owner recommend using sewing string that is in high quality with double string some more!

Really love how it turns out for this pouches and I am definitely making more of it if I can get more packs of the fusible interfacing from Sew Lovely DIY Shop.

I’m so glad that Sew Lovely DIY Shop offer a one-to-one class and the charges is really very minimal. The condition is to buy all materials from her shop, which is fair enough.

Sew Lovely DIY Shop also offer other classes for pouches such as coin pouch, bags and even doll knitting. Check out their FB site!

Chao for now!

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