All The Frame Bags

First one was this green colour with black cat pattern.

Thanks to Mico, you can find out more about him in my insta posts.

Second is this Pink Hello Kitty

Latest one is this red frame bag.

All come with handles and shoulder straps.

I’m putting them all in the Souvenir shop of Sabah State Library Tg Aru Branch.

Tote bags

Tote bags, yay! With flap or with recess zipper. Partition or no partition. Both with a mix of PU leather

Which do you prefer? With zipper or without zipper?

I’ve actually shown these pictures in my insta at hanniemy do check it out for the latest projects.

Cotton Candy with handles and a mini backpack

I’ve been updating my insta on stuff that I’ve sewn and below are those that I’ve shown before in my insta. Now I’m featuring them all in one go for that latest happening


Firstly is the cotton candy that I’ve added handles.

Introducing the cotton candy in a mixture of linen and denim, using vinyl as the handle:


Second, is another cotton candy with denim and cotton fabric, using vinyl and cotton webbing as the handle.

Both these cotton candy are very spacious, mainly due to the way the zipper is being sewn and the design of the pouch is fat and round at the bottom.

Next is a mini backpack that I’ve tried. Pattern from Sew So Easy. I’ve altered the side and bottom of the backpack.


Well.. hope you all like these.

Celebration month

Hello there, how’s July to all?
This is a special month for me, my birthday month. And thanks to my colleagues who threw me a surprise birthday cake. First ever birthday cake celebration in office, complete with candles and wishes ceremony, ha! Sounds big huh?

If you are following my in Insta, you would see that I’ve posted about it..

Minus the music like most people did in the restaurant like UpperStar..haha.. maybe a simple guitar solo would do, huh?

Anyway, coming back to birthday, there would be another celebration this Sunday, this time it is my turn to get ready a cake for it. Well, since I would be the one who pay for it, I will definitely get something that I love..ehhe..

Next chance in getting a cake would be just next month, another celebration, yay!

As for sewing projects, I’m currently doing another “Baby bag” using dye yarn fabric.. hopefully it will turn out even better than what I’ve made before.

Here is something that I’ve done by following the instructions through YouTube:

A very simple bag come with zipper and front pocket. Of course I’ve added more pockets inside..

Until then.. Happy July to you all..

Baby bag fever

This is the first baby bag that I’ve made using bag package from Epal Learning Centre. Everything is ready from materials, fusible interfacing, lining, handle and zipper. The package also include the bag pattern and instructions. All I need is just cutting tools and a good sewing machine. In my case, I’m using Jenome 2049 which is fully functional by itself.

Love how it turns out and intended to do another one in smaller size with sling. So I came up with this:

Material used are from “Queen of nature” bag. That package left bits of materials that I can put together plus my own lining to do this second baby bag. This time I’ve used piping on the side, and added side pockets and front zipper. Immediately it was taken once I show my colleagues.

Once it was sold, I got another order for another baby bag in purple theme. Well, she loves purple.. so I gather some fabric which are mostly purple in colour and bought a pack of 5″x5″ fabric from Epal Learning Centre, and come up with this:

It is purple enough, right? Again, this one has side pockets and front zipper.

Have just bought some more 5V zipper yesterday and light dye fabric online, intended to do some more baby bag.. I might just make one for myself this time.

So, have you done anything new lately? Do leave a comment below and share what you’ve created.

Handmade, made with love, unique and one and only.

Happy sewing!

Craziness haven’t passed yet..

Just not yet. I hope I’ll keep sewing, keep learning and keep sharing over here on the stuff that I’ve made.

Below are some more pouches or sewing stuff that I’ve made recently and haven’t got the chance to share them here.

First off is the Morning Glory Pouch which I’ve learned from a free tutorial.  Tell you what, most of my pouches pattern are from free tutorial online either from websites or from YouTube. Internet is an awesome place if you use it wisely, right? 😉

This is the 3rd time I’ve made this pouch, the free pattern is over here.

Second up is a zipper pouch that I’ve sewed up the left over fabric that I love. Am glad that I can still make a little pouch from it. This time I tried on adding a yellow biding at the side and this is how it looks like:


Fully lined too.pouch2


As for the following one, I’ve tried new thing, making a tag place for my staff card in office. I’m getting tired with the boring plastic tag that I was using, so I came up with this. Proudly wearing mine now.pouch3

I’ve more to share, but will safe it for the next post. I’m hoping to sew more and able to sell them.

Happy crafting!

Travel theme morning glory pouch

Hey there, I’ve got another pouch to share today. It is the same design with the previous bag – Morning Glory Pouch

I did another one ‘cos someone was actually wanting the first one but couldn’t get it. I guess this will be my last. ha! (I don’t believe myself either).

This time I’ve used a travel theme piece of material, filled with airplanes, Eiffel Tower, travel wordings and one blue polkadat pattern with a tag (You’ll see it on the last picture)

travel bag1 travel bag2 travel bag3

Can fit in my glasses!travel bag4

There, the pattern with a bag5

Glad that it has gone to new home with owner that loves it.

Cosmetic Bag With Frame


Hello there! Happy Weekend! For those in the West, Happy Halloween!

I love Pinterest, there are just so much beautiful stuff that people pin and share. I found this cosmetic frame bag tutorial through it and I just have to try making it myself.

The author actually using a 20x4cm bag frame that I don’t have, so I figure out the size of the cloths that I need to cut myself base upon the size that she shared.

The frame size that I’m using is 15x6cm, I figure the height of the side should be 3 times of the side of my frame, which is 6cmx3. And I need to add in some allowance for the sewing part. So the size of my cloths is actually 30x20cm with sewing allowance.

Initially I wanted to use the more elaborate designed side as the front, but after finished sewing up the bag and wanted to put t a”handmade’ tag, I find that having a simpler canvas as the front is better for the tag, so I ended up using the simple air-plane design as the front.


Well, now that I have another new bag and satisfied with the sewing and knowing more on the exact steps in making this bag, there could be more coming up.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you all are having fun creating!

Simple sling bag

Hi hi, I’m going to share a sling bag that is requested by my colleague. Which is in the same pattern with the clutch that I’ve made before, except this time it is with a sling that she can put on her shoulder. I love this bag ‘cos it can fit in a small bottle, handphone (size of a Samsung Note III), keys, pack of tissue and maybe some other small stuff like lipstick. I guess it is a go to bag whenever she wanted to get out of the house for a short trip and even for the evening function.


I’ve made it with the Party Line again.

Here goes:


sling bag sling bag1sling bag2 sling bag3

The colors look a bit brighter in the photos. The color scheme is more like the last photo, but it all depends on the screen resolution.


Well, I still have several under request bags to make, gonna need those umph to carry on making them.. things have been going slow these days..

Your “like” and comments probably would do the tricks!

Thanking you in advance.

Clutch clutch purse purse

Found yet another pretty awesome tutorial through Pinterest.

Pellon call it the clutch purse. I find it is too flat, so I’ve put dart at the bottom so that it looks fatter and got room for stuff.

I’ve put batting through the whole purse and have add-in a zipper pocket inside, plus a cute little birdie badge in front. I hope you like it.

This is also the first batch of bag that I’ve use thicker string, hopefully they are more durable. And I’ve made two in a few days, using fabric that I love and got online.

This time, I’m trying to do what the pro did – listing of the product info.

So, here goes:-

polkadot cluthpolkadot cluth1polkadot cluth3polkadot cluth4


Dimensions: approximately 10″ x 6″ x 2″
Made with linen cotton
1 Opened Pocket
1 Zipper Pocket
Magnet Button Closure
Fully Interfacing and batting
Can put wallet, phone and keys …



tree clutchtree clutch2tree clutch1

 Dimensions: approximately 10″ x 6″ x 2″

Made with linen cotton
1 Opened Pocket
1 Zipper Pocket
Magnet Button Closure
Fully Interfacing and batting
Can put wallet, phone and keys …


Haha.. so, what do you think? Can do online handmade shop?