Done another two bags

This one is by request and already taken.

 As for this one, I’ve just done it today with embroidered flowers with thread and ribbon.
Like how it turns out with those flowers, free hand without sketch.

Both are with lining.

Sorry for the blurry photos though, I’ve just taken them just now.
Happy weekend!

Something new and something old

Once this one is out, my colleague grabbed it and proudly brought to her meeting saying that it will be the trend in the office, ha! So happy to hear that.
See that little ribbon with apple figure sticking out? That is from Kaison, it is just so cute that I had to use it in my bag, just for fun. This materials is actually design from Elyza’s protected by Texgard (whatever that is) and stain repellent. I hope it serves what it has claimed. And yes I bought it from a curtain shop. I love shopping in curtain shop now since they have better materials and most imported.

As for this embroider bag, I did it using embroidery thread, fine ribbon and some beads. First time ever to make this. Am planning to make small bags with simple embroidery.
What do you think?
Happy weekend! And for those who are celebrating, Happy Halloween!

Bags, bags and more bags

First I am crazy about scrapbooking, then a bit of card making and now I’m crazy over making bags! All sort and any sort, but of course only those pattern that I love.
I wanted to refine my skill in sewing using machine, by hands and now even am thinking of doing embroidery with my bare hands.

Here are two that I’ve made today:

Yup, just got those materials on Friday and hardly can wait to use them actually. What more there are new books on bag making that came in! So I get to try out new pattern and new ways in sewing up bags. Great!
Here are those that I’ve made before this:

I’ve even made a pouch for my camera, ha! One that I should have made first thing.

I wanted to make more new patterns but for now there are 2 more bags that waiting in line for me to finish up upon request. I’m waiting for my magnetic snap from an Etsy shop, hoping to see them first thing on Monday if they do come through the mail then.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.