Is it the end?

No, definitely don’t think so!

Yes, we have gadget that connected us to the world, let us read books and magazine online, even download them, it let us know our location and how to get to another place. Yes, it can let us endulge in some games, facetime, chatting in groups, share photos and video. Let us feel connected to others… and yet sometimes it is the other way round. Do you really think that you ARE connected!?? Do you really think that you know each and every one of your facebook contact? Do you?

Well, my concern is the existence of books, of library. Will books be disappearing from this Earth? I really don’t think so..

I personally would prefer to hold a book on my hand, even though I can’t make the font bigger. Especially magazine, I still prefer hardcopy magazine. Say that I’m old fashion, I don’t care.

And the existence of library? Yes, they will surely be there. How else can anyone just walk into a place and get hold of information just like that when they don’t have the gadget themselves? Yes, from the library!

I like what is being mentioned in this message by Mr. Wong.

“libraries have become the informal community meeting place where people of all races and beliefs come to seek personal and professional development, meet friends, do some personal quiet self study and so on.” – Wong Vui Yin

It could be a jamming place for the youngsters? Why not? A DJ training place? A music room? The idea is endless.

I do look forward to my online video time using my phone. But if you ask me if the library will not exist in the future, no, definitely NOT!

Happy reading you all!

Why travel?

Had just been back from a visit to Hong Kong, a familiar place but still foreign for me. A place that I’ve been vising for the past few years and yet every time there are new things that I notice, new experience that I gain and always, always a new feelings. Never once that it feels the same even when I went back to the same place, same spot.

When I did a google search on why travel, there’s a page where people share on what they think and showed fantastic photos that they’ve taken. It is just amazing what traveling can do.

For those who love to read, “The world is a book and those who do not travel only read a page” – St. Agustine.

Go travel, not just to see new place, to experience their way of life, to eat what they are eating, do what the local do, experience it, face it and let it be a part of your memories.

Travel to see how small you are. Travel to see how big the world is though the internet made the world seems small.

Travel, do it while you can.

What a Valentine’s day

Ya.. Happy valentine’s day..

Flowers? Yes! Lots of them showing in insta. Lovely pictures? Yes! Lots of them in FB. HAHA… oh and those affectionate words.. Yupe.. Lots of them.. In whataspp..

It is been a day that I ate porridge for two meals! Then followed by medicine and lots of water.. Then vitamin C! I needed that to get rid of my flu.. And worst thing was.. My little valentine were also sick… He missed school today.. Not really missing it though..

With this heavy head and running nose.. I still can drive without feeling dizzy.. Thank goodness.. Else my another valentine may have to take Uber home.. Hehe..

So ya.. Happy valentine’s day for all..

Oh ya… And take good care of that body.. Having flu with fever is no fun!

Welcoming in 2 0 1 7

Happy New Year!!

I know this is a late post.. I mean who would still be wishing people happy new year when it has already been the 4th day in year 2017? Well, honestly I do! ‘Cos I just got back to work today. It has been a fun, crazy end of year stuff and I’ve extended my leave till yesterday just to breath a bit. Bringing kids to school is a major task, you know?

Anyway, how is everyone doing in the Net sphere? I’m seeing sites talking about resolution, plans, and projects. If you ask me (like you would, ha!) what’s my plan or resolution.. well.. so far there is none, I can’t think of anything yet, just yet. Maybe the plans or projects will come up or show up by itself. I’m taking it in day by day.

I do hope I can do more in decoration, sewing, scrapbooking… seems all on the creative side. As for career wise.. oh well.. let’s just put that aside for the moment, I think what’s more important now is not my career.. I want to see my kids grow.. I want to see my creativity side bloom, I want to learn new skill, say maybe brush writing. Google on the word “Brush writing” and you’ll get so many beautiful handwritten lettering that you can use a wall decoration, journaling and simply doodling.

And… this came in and showed up on my face today:

The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp

See if I’ll be able to flip through it and get a bit of knowledge from there.

I do hope I will be traveling this year to places that has snow. To somewhere that I can sleep over without having to book a hotel room.. maybe will need to consider looking into AirBnB from now on.

Until then, I’ll keep searching for “The Secret” ..

Special day 

​A good start and good  activity for my birthday. I get the chance to go up Mt Perahu with a classmate of mine during high school, and a bunch of friendly strangers.  Thanks to her, I get to go for this trip.

Have thought of it but never really think  of the how.  I guess the Magic is working. I mean waking up at 4am just for this seems crazy at first, and I couldn’t even sleep properly the night before, anxious. Wondering if my alarm will work, or even if I could wake up in time, or if my classmate can find her way to my house.  Above all these,  we made it to Tamparuli around 5 plus. Waited a bit for the rest to show up and get our gear ready, our gear here are all actually belongs to my friend, got a torchlight and climbing sick (not sure if this is the proper name), and get ourselves ready to climb.

It does really feel like climbing ‘cos the hill is pretty steep. The stick really came in handy. It really help’pulling’ me up and got balancing. It also helps when getting down, considering that it is steep and I could easily trip.

It took me roughly about 45 minutes to get to the top.  Phew, hard job for me and I knew I look so pale halfway, haha..

So here, a birthday gift for myself..

Half way..

See my tired look? Haha.. Exhausted!

A peace sign is a must for this!

Mt Kinabalu is at the right.  Magnificent view huh… We were fortunate that it wasn’t so sunny and there were even cool breeze up there.

Tamparuli town..

So proud that I did managed to get on top.. Yippee…

Oh and one last photo of the hanging bridge

Well, if you are interested to go there, I’m sure you’ll be able to find out with your GPS.

Almost lost it

Guess what, if the email didn’t get through, if their service is lousy, if I’m giving up, you all will not see this page in this site which belongs to me.

I’ve passed the renewal date of my domain and I’ve got another month to renew before they delete it. And the frustrating part was that… I can’t get it renew online, it kept bugging me out from the system telling me that my session has expired. Bummer..

Phew.. luckily they’ve responded to my request in hours, and I’ve made my renewal payment this morning.. so here I am again in this virtual world, updating my blog.

Hopefully more good things to come and I’m still able to share what I’ve done in my scrapbook or craft.

So, today just mark the day that I got my blog back, everything in contact and serve as a good reminder for self to remember to renew my domain, ha!

I want to…

I wanted to get back to creating art.

I wanted to record.

I wanted to remember things that happened, my sons’ development, our daily life.

I wanted to see beautiful scrapbook pages in my scrap-room. I wanted to have those pages framed and display them.

I wanted to appreciate life. I need to show gratitude, make it a habit

Another new addition in the family

Gosh!  I’ve been holding this for too long..  It has already been a month,  over a month actually!

This little guy came before Christmas,  not right before but during the time of the joyous month. True celebration!

This time I had to do a boy card cos the new bundle of joy is a cute baby boy!


The inside..


The card was actually made by a trimmed 12×12″, folded twice to become a less than 6×6″ card. So we got plenty of space to write our blessings.

Congratulations Jackson for being a dad!

Finding joy


Howdy everyone! Hope you have a great Raya holiday.


Yesterday, we have a new member joining the family. Son has been anticipating and urging me to get a pet, not just any pet. No,  not a fish, or puppy, or kitten, or turtle..  – he wants a bird! Not just any particular bird, but one that can be tamed, not so noisy, with beautiful feathers and probably talk. Ya.. a parrot, so we got a Budgerigar. One that is small, not so loud, sociable and great as a pet (I hope..)

Well, we were not sure what it is call till we roughly remember what was written in the pet shop and search for it from the Net. Before that, son already searching for videos on how to train birds. Yes, that is how serious he is concerning this matter.

After some whining and persistence reasoning from sons and struggle from me since I don’t like to see birds being caged and not able to fly freely.. what more who’s going to clean up the mess!? Oh well.. they are so eager and promised to take care of that.. so.. finally .. we got a female Budgie, as my son said “the chosen one”. And she’s named after Athena – The Greek Goddess.

Just over an evening, she doesn’t look shivering and doesn’t jolt when hearing noises.. plus she allowed the boys to put their hands in the cage and let her stand on their fingers. Let’s just hope that the boys can teach her some tricks like standing on their shoulders.

And just this morning, like usual, I received Suzanne’s Dear readers column and talks about finding joy. So probably this is one of the joy that my kids (including me) are looking for.. seeing a beautiful bird responding to human command and able to fly around in the room.

Shine or go crazy

Hi there.. how are you doing? I know I’ve been lagging in blogging lately. Everything lag.. even my scrapbook and my sewing project. And .. I still have a writing that need to be done for a local newspaper concerning scrapbook (which might never be done). Guess what? I’ve been so caught up with things everyday including k-drama! Ha! You may laugh now. Yes, I got hook again, and I try to limit myself in watching too much TV or spending too much time in front of the TV rather than doing other things in the house. But this one, just let me finish watching please.. then I’ll let it go .. (this part “Frozen” music come alive.. haha!) well.. not permanently (definitely) but for a while and get back to my creating self.

I’ve subscribed to Ali’s story stamp. So every month, I get to receive this cute (hand written mostly) clear stamps from Ali through the mail. It is my happy mail of the month. And yet I didn’t use it starting from “Gathering” theme.. I know I should be creating and documenting, else I’ll forget and regret. This month’s theme is “magic”, check it out here.

So, what is this k-dram that got my so hook up?

Let me tell you, I don’t like oldies movie with kung fu style of clothing and background history. I prefer stories set in the modern time. But this one, I love it!

shine or go crazy

Yes, it is call “Shine or go crazy” (辉煌或疯狂). More about it here. It is entertaining.

But guess what.. I’ve already something lining up next once this end.

For now, let’s shine or go crazy!!!