Finding joy


Howdy everyone! Hope you have a great Raya holiday.


Yesterday, we have a new member joining the family. Son has been anticipating and urging me to get a pet, not just any pet. No,  not a fish, or puppy, or kitten, or turtle..  – he wants a bird! Not just any particular bird, but one that can be tamed, not so noisy, with beautiful feathers and probably talk. Ya.. a parrot, so we got a Budgerigar. One that is small, not so loud, sociable and great as a pet (I hope..)

Well, we were not sure what it is call till we roughly remember what was written in the pet shop and search for it from the Net. Before that, son already searching for videos on how to train birds. Yes, that is how serious he is concerning this matter.

After some whining and persistence reasoning from sons and struggle from me since I don’t like to see birds being caged and not able to fly freely.. what more who’s going to clean up the mess!? Oh well.. they are so eager and promised to take care of that.. so.. finally .. we got a female Budgie, as my son said “the chosen one”. And she’s named after Athena – The Greek Goddess.

Just over an evening, she doesn’t look shivering and doesn’t jolt when hearing noises.. plus she allowed the boys to put their hands in the cage and let her stand on their fingers. Let’s just hope that the boys can teach her some tricks like standing on their shoulders.

And just this morning, like usual, I received Suzanne’s Dear readers column and talks about finding joy. So probably this is one of the joy that my kids (including me) are looking for.. seeing a beautiful bird responding to human command and able to fly around in the room.

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