Almost lost it

Guess what, if the email didn’t get through, if their service is lousy, if I’m giving up, you all will not see this page in this site which belongs to me.

I’ve passed the renewal date of my domain and I’ve got another month to renew before they delete it. And the frustrating part was that… I can’t get it renew online, it kept bugging me out from the system telling me that my session has expired. Bummer..

Phew.. luckily they’ve responded to my request in hours, and I’ve made my renewal payment this morning.. so here I am again in this virtual world, updating my blog.

Hopefully more good things to come and I’m still able to share what I’ve done in my scrapbook or craft.

So, today just mark the day that I got my blog back, everything in contact and serve as a good reminder for self to remember to renew my domain, ha!

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