Back to the routine

I’m back from China, “YAY”!

First “YAY” is for those time that I can spend to do my scrapbooking, ‘cos I can’t bring all my stuff over there. Going to share more about this in my next posting.

Second “YAY” is I can start wearing my working clothes again. Being a stay at home mom doesn’t give me the opportunity to do that.. dress myself up. Furthermore I’m just lazz around with my jeans and T-shirts. I don’t even need to think about what to wear and what accessories to put on, I’m basically just wear my only accessories: my watch.

Talking about fashion, there is this site that is offering search to fashion schools including fashion schools in California or fashion schools in Los Angeles. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to use this, but hey, for those people who are interested in doing their degree or further their knowledge in a more professional environment should give it a try to study in fashion school in California.

Having new domain soon

Yupe.. am in the middle of building up my site in a new domain which is solely own my me!! Yay!
I’m actually in the middle of doing the setting for the new site. Will announce soon.
Since I’ll be away to China for a week, and they have this firewall that blocking a lot of sites, so finger cross that I still can access it in China for a week.
I had been having trouble assessing to blogspot there before and those post that I’ve uploaded doesn’t contain a title, ‘cos I’ve been using Google doc to post. I even had to ask a friend’s help to edit them for me so that I can get my post up in 3P or smorty.
Hopefully this time all went well and hey, no flu please!


I think I’m getting addicted to the online world of blogging.
Since I’ve registered with some online pay post thing which gave me opportunity to earn by posting reviews on their products and sites, I’ve been using the money online also through pay pals. It is pretty simple, with a few clicks and it is totally safe. If I’ve got enough in my account, then I dont’ even need to use my money in the bank. So it is all like online money which I only see the amount online. Haven’t even try withdrawal from my credit card and it is already gone.
So surfing online has been a daily thing for me. Sometimes repeatedly clicking the refresh button hoping to get new opportunity.
It has been slow lately, not many post that I can get, sometimes even none. If no opportunity at all, that means no online income, on online income, means I can hardly get any scrapbooking material online without affecting the size of my wallet.
That is a bit worrying to me, since like I’ve said, I got addicted, both online and scrapbooking.

photos in DVD?

I had too many photos in my digicam memory card, 700 of them! Is this too many or what? Anyway, I’m getting it burn into CD in a local print shop. But when I got there and get it read, the lady recommended me to have it burn into DVD instead. Hmm.. now that is a great idea. But then won’t it make it hard for me to edit it later ‘cos my PC (pretty old already) doesn’t have DVD player installed. So I’ve requested her to burn into 2 CD instead and still not sure what will it turn out, ‘cos maybe even 2 CD still can’t fit in everything. I’ve yet to find out when I visit the print shop again tomorrow ‘cos they closed at 5pm.
Hmm.. or maybe I should get a DVD player installed in my PC instead.. senang kerja (=easier for me to work).
I actually afraid that my PC will kong out one day that I’ll loose everything, so I’m going to need to sort my photos ASAP and age it burn to CD too. Another thing is, I’ve got too many photos that I should scrap and yet didnt’ get it done ‘cos they are not being developed. Sometimes I just wish that I didn’t take that many photos during each occasion.
In another thoughts, maybe I should just get all of them develop and just stick to one size of photos, ie. 4″x6″ and do whatever I can to scrap them. That also means I hardly can put lots of photos in one page, if I would to include all..
Well.. let’s just not think about it now, let’s think about it when I get to see the CD or DVD and do my pick again.

KFC moment

Had a fun time in KFC yesterday. That is after our church, one that with not so plesent moment and didn’t even get to the end of the service.
Took out my digicam and took a few shots, not until I see them than only I realise how fun is the colour scheme and it really brightens up the whole scene. Would love to scrap about this and maybe put it as “The KFC moment”.

There the boys enjoying their KFC

After the fun moment, we all went into the supermarket to get Cal’s milk and my tools drawer from the hardware section (should have snap a photo of it too). I’ve transfered almost all my little brads, flowers and those tiny little things into it and let it stand on my scrap table. Love it!

My first cell meeting after…

2? or 3 years? ya.. I haven’t been going to cell group meeting for ages.. I think my last meeting was when Cal just around 1 year old. After having Mer, it seems like impossible to go out at night and join others in a meeting with my two sons around. I must say I thank God for letting me having the chance to go last night. At first, the plan was to bring both of them. But the after much thought I changed my mind, so I was just going to bring Cal, my 1st DS, ‘cos normally if the two of them are in the same place, they’ll fight with each other over toys, over attention and over just about anything. Further more, 2nd DS don’t know how to share yet, he just keep everything for himself and he likes to scream. I don’t want that to happen, and at the same time hoping that I can have some quiet time with my fellow church members who I have lost touch with, whose babies I haven’t met for those lost years.

It turns out that I had to bring 2nd DS ‘cos he start nagging and refuse to let go of me, oh well.. as I’ve told my friend that I’ll bring them both at the first place, so I might as well stick to my initial plan.

I thought I would be the last one to arrive the meeting venue, but I’m not!

Then my two DS have been very good behave, no screaming, no fighting over toys, just being fine boys. To my observation, that is most probably due to the age different, ‘cos all others were just babies around 1 year old and even smaller. Mer is easy at sharing, probably feeling that he is a big brother there.

So after last night, I’m so gonna go again next week, further more the venue change again, and it is definite that the boys would take up some time to warm up to it and that’s be enough for me to have another quiet night enjoying the message from God.

This inspire me to use quote from the Bible in my scrapbooking pages. Maybe a page on the purpose of my life? Recommended for reading is this book by Rick Warren: Purpose Driven Life.


Ya..thanks God it’s Friday! and tonight I’ll make myself available for my church cell meeting, Have been missing it for ages, ever since I got so caught up with my two DS that I’ve totally given up in going to one at night. And tonight after much struggle with myself for having to leave my one of my DS at home with my mom, then only I was able to make the decision to go. Plus with the interesting update from a friend recently on what’s going on the group which I miss so much.
That is for tonight, as for tomorrow night, as usual me and my BIL will be going back to my father-in-law’s home for the every-Saturday-gathering that we have been having ever since we moved out. The boys absolutely love it ‘cos they normally get new toys from grandpa and they get all the attention from him plus fun night with cousins.
Well.. I better get ready for the gathering tonight.