photos in DVD?

I had too many photos in my digicam memory card, 700 of them! Is this too many or what? Anyway, I’m getting it burn into CD in a local print shop. But when I got there and get it read, the lady recommended me to have it burn into DVD instead. Hmm.. now that is a great idea. But then won’t it make it hard for me to edit it later ‘cos my PC (pretty old already) doesn’t have DVD player installed. So I’ve requested her to burn into 2 CD instead and still not sure what will it turn out, ‘cos maybe even 2 CD still can’t fit in everything. I’ve yet to find out when I visit the print shop again tomorrow ‘cos they closed at 5pm.
Hmm.. or maybe I should get a DVD player installed in my PC instead.. senang kerja (=easier for me to work).
I actually afraid that my PC will kong out one day that I’ll loose everything, so I’m going to need to sort my photos ASAP and age it burn to CD too. Another thing is, I’ve got too many photos that I should scrap and yet didnt’ get it done ‘cos they are not being developed. Sometimes I just wish that I didn’t take that many photos during each occasion.
In another thoughts, maybe I should just get all of them develop and just stick to one size of photos, ie. 4″x6″ and do whatever I can to scrap them. That also means I hardly can put lots of photos in one page, if I would to include all..
Well.. let’s just not think about it now, let’s think about it when I get to see the CD or DVD and do my pick again.

One thought on “photos in DVD?

  1. Aunty J says:

    hmmm tht reminds me I got too many photos in my laptop!! Been wanting to burn it onto CDs but have yet to find the right time….I better do it soon like you too….yikes…


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